Monday, July 27, 2009

5 free minutes!... forgive the typos... please..

I have about 5 minutes to spare and thought i'd blog... it's been WAY too long and I have many things to write about. Someday I will have a few extra minutes and I will be able to blog and blog... yeah right... when will that day come.

I started my day off with Visiting Teaching. I was able to go visit Hermana Soltero. She is a wonderful 72 year old women from Mexico. She has lived in the United States for quite some time but we held our visit in Spanish. I think she was quite delighted to be able to share some of her feelings in Spanish. What a wonderful woman.

She has been a single mother ever since her children were little. One of her sons was killed in a driveby shooting when he was 28. She has not had contact with the church for over 30 years. This was really not by choice but when she moved she thinks her records were lost and she was unable to locate a church. She is sooo happy that the church found her again. It was a sweet visit and she is very excited to start attending Relief Society and Enrichment activities. She kept saying how grateful she is for the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ. She has followed them faithfully eventhough she has not had contact with the church. One thing she does every Wednesday afternoon she goes around her little culdesac and brings in everyone's trash cans for them. She was a little hesitant at first wondering if the neighbors would be annoyed by her service (this happens occationally in CA) but she says she loves to serve in any way possible.
I loved our visit and am very grateful I have a new friend in Hermana Soltero.

After her visit I was also able to visit two other sisters. They were a little shorter but still good. I learn from each woman I visit and am grateful for the opportunity to serve and grow. Both women are very optomistic and I leave thier homes uplifted and postive.

I returned home to find two of my favorite neices (they are all my favorites.. but today Audrey and Lauren were my favorites) Karen had dropped them off for a little visit while she took Marly up to the Redlands EFY. I love my family to come see me. Afterwards Karen stopped by and we were able to visit for a few hours. She's another one of those positive women who teach me many things. Something I learned today was the importance of studying the scriptures. With my new calling I need to be able to recall the stories and apply them to the lessons that I teach. Cyrus and I talked about this yesterday about how to teach the principles from the scriptures and not just my OWN interpretation. I have so many things to improve upon but today I picked those things.

After Karen left I met with two of the Laurels. One is the president and the other is a counslor. They will both be gone for a month so I wanted to touch base with them before they left and so I knew where they were with thier Personal Progress. Before I could ask.. one volunteered the information that while they are gone they were going to pray morning and night and read thier scriptures everyday! WOW... what great girls. I am amazed at thier desire to do go and to choose the right. It was a wonderful visit and they are both excited about finishing up their Personal Progress and serving and growing in the gospel. They will both do great things!

It's been a busy summer... I couldn't have done most of it without my faithful babysitter Marci. She has been so good to me. She doesn't complain even when her mother is sometimes hard on her. I came home from my visit with the Laurels and the house was quite clean... it puzzeled me a little since that usually isn't the case. The kitchen was clean, the dish washer was unloaded, dirty dishes loaded and it felt great! I was very grateful and happy... my baby is growing up. I am very proud of her.

It's been a busy day... one thing could have been better... my dear hubby forgot his phone today! I usually get to talk to him at least 5 times during the day... but not today. I missed him! He should be home soon... the school and work keeps him pretty busy... but I love you cy... hurry home!