Sunday, April 10, 2016

Sarah comes to visit!

This past week the Stewart's came to visit. It was so great to see her. She has been such a great friend to me. We always have the best gospel discussions and I feel like I try to be a better person because of her. It was super fun to see her. On Thursday we celebrated Cyrus' 11th birthday!  I can't believe he's that old!! All done with cub scouts and on to Boy Scouts. We had a fun birthday!  The Bigelow and the Stewart's were her and we had some yummy food. He got a kindle and some money for his scooter. It was fun. 
On Friday we took Chloe and Mackenzie to mission beach. It was such a fun place   The 3 girls rented some bikes and rode around while Sarah and I went for a walk. I miss our walks!  We use to walk every day. She would talked to me about her seminary lessons and I would pretty much just get to listen. She's an amazing teacher so it made those walls pretty awesome. She was one of the first people I mentioned that I might want to have a baby and she was so excited and supportive of that. She said that if she could have had more then she would have. It was really nice having her to talk to about things. 
On Saturday we attended the funeral for Becky cook. She lives in the Mapelton ward. My kids are friends with Xavier, aysiah and tionah.  They are all still in high school. It breaks my heart that they lost their mother at such a young age. I truly believe that the lord was preparing them for this. Less than a year ago they were sealed in the San Diego temple. Only those three were sealed to them. Her other children were not worthy to be there but the others were ready for this. All things considered they are doing surprisingly well. They are happy and seem like they will take it in stride. 

Sunday school... Jacob

Jacob was commanded to keep a record. Brother phillipson showed a few pictures from his family history and just reminded us of the importance to keep a record of our spiritual experiences as well. 
Today is fast and testimony meeting and Cyrus was able to bear his testimony.  It's always nice to hear from my husband. Today's testimony just seemed very heart felt. He gave thanks for the service the ward members give and how much easier his job was because they sacrifice their time, talents and money. The lord asks many things from us and it's not always easy. He talked about tithing. The other day he found an envelope of Marcis money that was labeled "not tithing". He thought it was funny that it didn't just say "spending money". He was grateful that she understood that principle that everything we have comes from the lord. It is kind of a funny system "tithing" and " not tithing".  
Jane was so cute today. She is growing up and crawling around. Today during sacrament meeting Liam was up on the stand as the bishops helper and she saw him and started crawling towards him. It was pretty cute. She made it to the stairs before we picked her up. She's such a happy cute baby!  

In March sister Kaas asked me to help with a young women project. all the girls picked a value and dressed up in the color and we took pictures outside. Sister Simmons put all of them up on the bulliten board for this month. It looks beautiful!