Friday, April 13, 2012

Anyone got the Spring Cleaning bug? Hope it sticks with me!

I've sort of been in a cleaning slump... for quite some time now I've been trying to figure out how to keep my house clean, laundry done, dinner made, teeth brushed, make up on, hair done, grocery shopping done... the list goes on and on... so, how do you manage all of these things with 6 kids.  My kids are wonderful kids and I love spending time with them BUT today Charly and I spent some time together in a different fashion.
I know I need to teach my kids how to clean BUT... sometimes it is just easier to do it myself.  With the overwhelming list I make each day I realize that I do need their help.  Not just for me but for them as well!  I know I wont become the perfect mother or housewife overnight but I thought I'd at least start with something small today.
As many of you, I have discovered Pinterest!  There are many motivating people out there that love sharing their creativity with others.  Here is the Pin I came acrossed today:

 Spring Cleaning Made Easy!

So, I decided to tackle #1
Dust and clean light fixtures and fans.
Luckily I live in California where they don't believe in putting light in any of the ceilings so, my job wasn't too bad today.  Charly worked right along side of me.  We took the fixtures apart and got rid of all the dust, dead flies and filth that was sitting on our lights.  
We cranked up some "One Direction" and cleaned.  I hope that tomorrow I will get to clean along side one of my other kids!
 We got a little sidetracked and Charly thought the Curio cabinet also needed cleaning!  It sure did!
 Here is Cyrus' doll along with our mission placks.  Charly said, "Dad looks the same but Mom, you look different".  She said I was cuter now!  She knows how to make my day... but wow... that hair is kind of  bad!
 Charly was very careful dusting the "fragile" lladros found in the curio.  She said that this one was Charly and me.  This one is my favorite of the collection.
 I told her the story that Cyrus bought me this one after I had Liam because he thought it was just like Marci.
 Charly says these are Chloe and Garrett.
 Marci's doll make by Grandma Price wearing her blessing dress.
 An old sacrament tray.  Charly thought this was the coolest thing.  She can't wait to tell her siblings about it when they get home.

 Nice clean fan in our family room!
 Clean lights in the living room!
 All dusted and cleaned... inside and out!
 On to Mom's room... cleaning the light shade.
Clean fan in mom and dad's room.... I love his angry birds in the background!

Here is the my favorite cleaning job of the day.  I was looking at the sacrament tray and just thought it was that old ugly color.... but then I thought I'd try my BRASSO on it... and with much success it looks absolutely beautiful!

What will tomorrow bring? (hopefully some more motivation!)