Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goldilocks and his Disco Diva!

I had to post a few of our "last minute" costumes that we wore tonight... I have to say we are quite the pair! Cyrus won "best costume" and I won "sexiest"! Those of you who know either of us know that this is VERY unlike us! We had a great time at my friend Janet's tonight! Great party with great friends.
Man I love those golden locks!

(next post might include the kids in their costumes... Halloween really is about them right?)

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Cy, his sister Jill and I had a great day yesterday! We spent it competing in the Big Rock Triathlon. There were 120 participants in the Sprint Triathlon which is: 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike and then a 5K. I might add that one of the hardest parts was the 1/4 mile trek up the sand after we got out of the lake! My goal was to get under 1 hour 45 minutes but once I saw that trek I didn't think it was possible... I knew that my transition times would be high with that!
The swim went in waves. Cyrus' was 3 minutes ahead of mine. I competed with 22 other women but there were 250 people out in the water at the same time. The swim was a lot harder than I wanted it to be. The constant number of people trying to swim over top of me and drown me was rather uncomfortable. It's so hard to swim in a lake because I could get into NO momentum. Those boeys looked soooo far away I thought I'd never see the end. But once it came I had that trek up the sand to my bike. Once I got out of the water I had Grandma Price, Garrett, Liam, Chloe and a few other church friends there cheering me on. You have no idea how much it helped seeing my kids ran along side me the whole way up that beach. Finally made it to my bike, dusted off my feet, put on my clothes and shoes and I was off! (transition time 6 minutes 43 sec) Note to self for next time: Buy a bra that matches my swimsuit!
A 12 mile bike ride doesn't sound like much but it sure felt like it was going on forever. I had my iphone going and tracking my distance. BUT for some reason my GPS didn't work very well and it didn't calculate for 3 of the miles I went. The ride was pretty flat except for the last 1/2 mile. It was a steep hill that slowed me WAY down! BUT I kept pedaling and people kept passing me BUT eventually I made it to the top where a wonderful down hill was awaiting me! I could have coasted to my next transition point but I pedaled as fast as I could, parked my bike and I was off again. (transition time 41 sec)
At this point I didn't think I was going to accomplish my goal my plan was to hopefully finish under 2 hours. I was off running and it didn't feel too bad. My legs were tired and heavy but I was quickly able to get into my momentum of running. I kept telling myself, "ok, its just a normal Monday run now... keep up the pace!" So I ran and I actually passed about 5 or 6 people. The run was out and back so I kept seeing people running back. The thought of seeing Cyrus and passing him kept me going. I was about 1/4 mile from the half way mark and there he was! I was so happy to see him. He was going strong and was about 4 minutes ahead of me. I got to the turn around point and passed two other guys. I had my music coming out of my ipod because we weren't aloud to use headphones and I went to pass a guy (I should add, he was a 45 or so old man) and I told him he was doing great and asked him if he liked my music. I said... ok then, keep up! So we ran together most of the rest of the way. I few times he said he wanted to walk and I told him to keep going. We were running along and ahead of me I saw a man that looked a lot like my hubby! "OH NO.... that's my husband and his leg broke!" Cyrus' running leg had broken. The spring part broke and so he was walking w/o it. (That doesn't work very well) I ran by and asked if he needed anything, he said that someone was on the way back in a truck with his other leg so that at least he could finish the race! So, I kept on going. Once I saw that finish line I picked up the pace and was so anxious to be done. The timer said 1 hour 52 minutes. I was happy it was under two hours but kind of sad that I didn't make my goal!
It was such a feeling of accomplishment and I was so happy to have finished. It felt really good and it was soooo much FUN. As I was talking to my friends they mentioned that I had to subtract 9 minutes from the time that I read when I passed to line.

"REALLY! Then I did it! I finished in 1:43 minutes!"

That made me even happier! Cyrus was 5 minutes behind me finishing on his regular leg. I felt so bad that his leg gave way. His finish time was 1:48 with a broken leg. I like to say his finish time was 1:39 because that broken leg really put a wrench in things! But we both finished happy and are ready to do it again. I finished 4th in my class and 12 out of the women.
Who will join us next time?