Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Conference Weekend!

Self timer attempt at a family picture.

Loved it and am so grateful for loving apostles and prophet who lead and guide us.  There were many favorites but I'm going to have to say it was Pres. Uchtdorf when he spoke to the Relief Society.... "forget me nots"  I'm know I'm not alone in this.  But I was uplifted and am trying to impliment the important things taught.

After Sunday's session we took the kids out for some pics!  Love these sweet babies!


Only picture of the day of the two of us... love this guy!

Happy Birthday to me!

Me and my 6!  Love you kids!

I had a wonderful birthday!  37 feels great!  I love being a wife, a mother, a daughter and a friend. So many people made it a wonderful day for me.  I was able to start the day off teaching aerobics (more like bootcamp style weight training) which I love.  There I get to associate with some wonderful ladies.  There are many that are great examples to me.  I mentioned that while I was out doing errons for the day that the cleaning elves would appear and clean my house.  WELL... that is probably the wrong thing to say to a bunch of Relief Society ladies. While I was at Grant's 1st grade class helping out with the apple fair, sure enough, the cleaning elves did come and clean my house.  My dear friend Debbie Hyde came and made my rooms sparkle.  While she was doing that another friend had Charly and Debbie's kids so that Debbie could clean with out destractions.  Meanwhile, Angie Larson (whom we all aspire to be like) was out getting fresh flowers and balloons to brighten my day.  All of this was happening while I got to go spend time with Grant.  
That afternoon I had the chance to sit back and relax while Debbie had Charly over to play.  Another knock at my door... this time it is my long time friend Brigett.  She too had had remembered me and brought me flowers and my favorite Lindor ball truffles. I was all smiles all day.  
Later on I talked to my sweet husband who said he had dinner plans for us (yeah... no cooking for me on my bday!)
Meanwhile... throughout the day I would go to my facebook where many others remembered me and posted sweet messages to my wall. 
After the 2 soccer practices we were able to go out as a family to Red Robin where there were still even more presents shared.  This was a treat seeing how with our big family, this doesn't happen all that often. 
Thanks to all for the birthday calls and messages.  People truly are amazing how they serve and forget themselves.  It absolutely made my day!
Grant at the Apple Fair

My clean house!  Thanks Debbie

The new couch and rug Cyrus bought me for my birthday... love them!

Cool new chair in the corner!

Flowers from Brigett!