Wednesday, December 16, 2009

More from Grant

Just a normal conversation in the car...

"Mom, I don't want to die."
"Its okay if you die because you'll get to go live with Jesus"
"But mom, Jesus doesn't like to play xbox"
"so, you don't think there is xbox in heaven? I bet there is."
"no mom, Jesus just likes to do church stuff."

I had to record this one before I forgot it.... So, don't you think Jesus would play xbox with Grant? I think he would.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I would like to blog BUT....

why is there always a big huge BUT? I really have missed blogging and I have missed recording some of the events that have happened in our lives! Mostly its a time issue. With me being Young Womems President and Cyrus being Elders Quorum President... it dosen't leave us a whole lot of time for extra things. I wouldn't change a thing... I do love my busy life and the busy lives of my children.

Just a quick catch up:

Marci: Just finished a season of Volleyball... She loved it! AND so did I. I happened to be her coach. It was a city league but the team consisted of the Beehive class! (with the exception of one girl who the girls say they will convert sooner or later!) We had such a great time. The girls came into this not knowing how to play at all! They left some great volleyball players. They really pulled together and had FUN! We didn't win a ton of games but we did with some... so that always adds to the excitement.
Marci also turned 12 in October. She is loving Young Womens and all the great friends that come with that. It's nice to see her testimony growing of the Savior as she makes good choices. She tries hard to include those who may not have as many friends as she does... though had times she may feel like she's the one without friends... she has many who will do the same for her. Don't we all remember those days! She's a happy girl that is growing up way too quickly!

Garrett: Continues to be my little genious. It's amazing the things that boy retains. He still has straight A's in school and seems to do that with out much effort! He is so much like his father in that sense! I love it... I see it so much in the church. He loves to learn and he listens to those things that are taught. He understands the importance it is to live the principles taught. This past General Conference he really enjoyed Elder Bednars talk about the need for Family Home Evening. Out of the blue he will bring things up that he learned 6 months ago! I'm amazed at what he gets out of conference as he builds with his legos. THAT... has become one of our traditions... whenever with get to sit and watch conference we get to dump the legos out in the middle of the floor and listen as we build... the kids usually try building beautiful temples.... its a good time! (yes, that is a 60 pound python wrapped around my child!)

Chloe: She too played Volleyball and loved it. She knows how to overhand serve and is often found serving 10 serves in a row! Her team made it into the championship game witch will be played this Saturday.... hope they win! She has some great friends as well... she is most often found either singing, dancing or creating things our of our craft bucket. The other day they were making some sort of Christmas decoration and they had some really nice looking berries on them... the berries looked way to familiar as if they had come from the new wreath I had just purchased for my front door... sure enough that is where they came from... but it's all good... the decorations in my home are never fancy and I'm sure never will be... but I hope my kids can remember the fun they have at home!

Liam: He turned 6 last month! He's also really smart... he loves reading and learning. He wants legos and more legos for Christmas... hopefully Santa will find some for him! I think they are all over my house! He's a good boy and is growing up quickly... he and Grant are still BFFs... I sure hope it stays that way!

Grant: He recently went to the ER for anohter 8 stiches. That boy can not keep two feet on the ground! He ran into a sharp corner at the beach the other day and had blood all over his face! It's a good thing he's tough b/c I don't think I could handle it if he weren't! THe other day he told me about a dream he had.
"Mom, I had a great dream last night."
"tell me about it grant."
"It was about Jesus this time, not the xbox"
"That's good."
"He was hugging me and tell me that he loves me."
Oh... to be a child again... the faith and closeness they have with the Savior!

Charly: She thinks she's the funniest and most popular thing to have hit Menifee. She has many friends who ask for her daily and also many siblings that will laugh at just about anything she does! She loves that attentions. Recently we have all been sick (the awful stomach bug) and the other night at 4:30 I heard a knock on my bedroom door... so I said... come in... and nothing.... so I assumed it was a little person... I opened the door and there stood Charly (a very stinky Charly). She had had a rough night... she was covered in throw-up and other stuff that added to the stinky baby... She was standing at my door calm as could be with three pairs of underwear! The poor thing. She was ready for a clean pair! We got her all cleaned up and back to bed but it was not a pretty sight. We've only had a few more nights like that.... the sickness seemed to just jump from kid to kid! Thank goodness the bug only lasted 24 hours! (well... in my house... that equals out to be a full week!)

Just a quick catch up for my own sake... I have been busy with pictures... but not of my own children... next year I hope to be better at getting my own infront of the camera!