Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fun Day!

My house is suffering... terribly... but I love my kids to have friends over and play! Today we had a houseful... I think there were 4 extra boys and a few extra girls over here... We had water balloon fights... cookies.... outdoor fun... ice cream cones and a very tracked through house... but I love it. Garrett has a lot of great friends and they all get along with Marci as well as they get along with him. It's fun to see my kids interacting with each other's friends. Right now I think Marci's favorite friend to play with is Lindon. She begs to have him come over almost every day. They would spend hours at the tetherball court just chatting away. I do believe he might just be smitten by her beauty and she loves his charm. They are quite the pair. He even called me "mom" today. I do love Lindon as well... And did I mention he is a whole 7 years old! Next time all these kids are over I'll have to snap some pics because what is a blog entry with out pictures... NO GOOD.... anyway it's been a good day. I love to see my kids playing hard even if that means they are still doing homework at 9:00 at night... Well, i'm off to go get some housework done! Cy's at school so I have until 10:30 tonight to get my work done... it could happen if I dont get distracted by this stinkin computer... AHHHH!

Well... I have been super busy shooting seniors these past few weeks... here are a few of my favorites. BUT... I feel very lucky... I get to take pics of a new baby next week! Love the babies!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What to blog about?

I've had this desire to blog today and to take pictures... but I have no desire to clean my house and check all of the important things off of my list... so I decided I needed something to blog about and something to take pictures of... Well, I was thinking that my pantry was looking very blog worthy...
Wouldn't you all agree... if I make cleaning more like a game... it is much more fun.
I was at my friend's house yesterday and her pantry looked so clean and organized. It is a lot bigger than mine but still.. mine is just a mess. So I thought today would be a good day for before and after pictures...
Look at this great organized mess!

I was happy to find some of this in with all the mess... I think i'll make some of these tonight. No, even better, I'll make my girls make me some.

You don't know how many open boxes of cereal I had in there that only had 1/2 a serving left in the bottom. This was one of the boxes. Chloe will be very sad to see Troy go... ba bye!

And... Ta Da... Like magic, it's clean and organized for a while. I realize I really need to start on that 3 month food storage supply... and I will really need a bigger place to put it all.

My goal for the day is to make sure there are at least three of these cookies left for my sweet Cyrus. He loves the cookies and is very sad when he finds evidence of an empty bag of cookies. I tell you... with 6 kids, a bag of cookies doesn't last very long here.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jesus made the cars, right mom?

Grant has been on this kick lately... Jesus made this... Jesus made that... we talk about all the things he makes like the houses, the shirts, the cars, the arms, the hair, the shoes... the most important thing he has made up to date though is the XBOX. My boys are very happy he made an xbox just for them. Well, Liam's and Grants bedroom is right next to mine and it is now 10:30 and I can still here them talking about all the things Jesus made. This last conversation made me laugh so I had to share... "Jesus made the black ants but not the red ones because the red ones bite you." Oh... I love my little boys... they are the best of friends!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fathers and Sons outing...

Yes, all of my boys are gone... I miss them, especially at night. I can't sleep when Cyrus isn't here... but anyway, my house is quiet now after having a house full of little girls. It's a little tradition I started about 3 years ago. The girls invite their little friends and we eat yummy food, make a craft and watch a movie... and play, play, play... nothing too planned, a pretty low key party. But anyway, tonight we made our own pizzas, jumped on the TWO trampolines, tried to learn the Ho Down dance, made cute little bows and some of us watched "hotel for dogs". All in all it was a fun evening. I was able to pull my camera out and snap a few shots of my own kids for a change.
You followers that had kids here will have to try and guess the silhouette pictures! It was fun!


Friday, May 1, 2009

No pictures... just a lot of words...

I feel like my life has revolved around photography these past few weeks... it is a good thing but that's about all I have to blog about... pretty sad... I think, there must be something wrong with my priorities. I guess if I have a photography business I should be grateful... and I am, and I am still loving what I do. That is my biggest criteria for running this business, I have to continue to love it. I must say I do get quite excited when I get calls from people and I have to put them off a few weeks because I am booked solid! It keeps me terribly busy and I have so many things I need to do that would make it even better... but in order to do that I need to add at least a few more hours to each day. One is to revamp my website... I have soooo many more pictures to add to it, I also need to get my facebook page finished... when it's done you'll have to check it out and let me know if you don't mind me tagging all of you guys for advertisement... hope that's okay with all of you that have visited and had a photo session with PF Photography... yes... Price Family Photography won by a long shot! Thanks for your input. I am very happy with that decision, it's just nice sometimes to hear others opinions. I like the classy ring of the name...
Anyway... that is my life lately... eat, drink and sleep pictures....
What have my kids been doing?
I need to add a quick update about my sweet babies!
Charly: She's a doll most days. She enjoys jumping on the trampoline, eating cookies, dancing to Hannah Montana music, naps, playing in the sprinklers, making snow angels in the cereal she dumped out in my family room floor, learning new words like "I did it", "no", "thank you", "baby", "car", "get off!", and many more that I have not yet diciphered.
Grant: He's an xbox addict. I try to limit his play... really I do... but he knows when mom is busy editing pictures he can get away with anything! He still loves my hair and my shirt. He loves going to bed with Liam because Liam will read him his favorite book "if you give a pig a pancake". His sunbeam teacher says he's the smartest one in the class. He always knows the answers (this made me very happy)
Liam: Liam got to be special bear this week in Kindergarten. He got to make a life size poster of himself with details of his 5 year old life. His favorite place to go is Knotts Berry Farm, his pet's name is Cody. He has 8 people in his family. He loves playing xbox, playing with his friends and going to church. He LOVES to read and has amazed me with how well he is doing. He can't keep his pants up! He will make an excellent plumber someday!
Chloe: She's my drama queen... everything is hard right now for my little 8 year old. I'll try not to make a list about that, but instead I will mention the good things I've seem my little girl do. She has been pretty good about playing with her little brothers lately. I got to go on a field trip with her and all of her cute little friends... but... she wanted to be by her mother all day. She never left my side and I always had a cute little hand in mine. She never fails to hug me before bed (although she's the only one of my six that has to come down stairs at least 3 extra times before it is actually bed time..."I'm thirsty", or "I'm hungry" or "my tummy hurts" or "mom, I think my forehead is hot!" (do any of you have one of those?)
Garrett: He's still just as smart as ever. He has the most AR points in the school... I think he has about 350.... that's alot of books. His teacher says he'll be the next Bill Gates but that he'll need to hire a maid. He has also learned a new trick with his eyes... not a very pretty one. Whenever he gets grumpy he rolls his eyes back in his head and gives me a very evil look... sometimes it makes me laugh... most times he gets sent to his room for such a look.
Marci: She has become my little babysitter. With all the photo sessions I have had she has really had to step up and take care of all my little ones. She has been very good about it and never complains. She is really coming out of her shell. She has some great friends and is enjoying the whole social side of life for once.
I love my busy life... wouldn't change a thing....
well, it will be nice when Garrett is able to hire that maid for me... I could use one of those!