Monday, January 31, 2011

FHE the Jetsons way 01-31-11

It is the 31st of January and I can proudly say I have taken a picture every day this month! I knew that part would be possible but I can't believe I took the time to blog about every single picture! None of the pictures will win any awards but they sure do tell a story about my family. I have really enjoyed this quest I am on because it has made me focus more on my own little ones and the fun everyday things we do together.
We were sad to see Cyrus leave this morning to Reno for a 3 day busines trip BUT with the joys of modern technology he was able to join us for FHE. He even conducted the meeting from his hotel room. The kids thought this was the coolest thing ever. Occasionally dad had to remind them that we were in the middle of Family Home Evening but Charly of course paid no attention to the lesson nor to her father's reprimands and spent the whole evening dancing in front of the computer. (oh, the things the youngest get away with) I'm sure it will be a FHE they will remember for a long time. Especially since Dad had a great idea for the activity. We set the computer on the table and took turns shooting darts at his face!

Tonight Chloe had prepared a wonderful lesson on Moses. We read the story from the Old Testament children's book and then to see if any of us were paying attention she gave us all a test.
So, can YOU pass her test?
Moses test

1. What did Moses do when he saw the Egyptian beating the Israelite ?

A. Kill the Egyptian

B. Watch him get hurt

C. Tell the king

2. What was the bush that was on fire?

A. A burning bush

B. A miracle

C. A tree

3. Name 3 things that happened to the Egyptians when they wouldnt let the Israelites go?

4. How many days did Jesus send darkness for?

A. 1 day

B. 5 days

C. 3 days

5. How did the Israelites oldest sons survive from the sickness?

A. Medicine

B. They didnt survive

C. Lambs blood over their doors

6. What happened right before the king let the Israelites go?

A. Crickets came and ate all their food

B. The king’s oldest son died

C. The rivers turned into blood

7. What did Jesus tell Moses to do when the Israelites got to the red sea?

A. Raise your hand above the sea

B. Build a boat

C. Drown

8. What did the Israelites walk on while going through the red sea?

A. A bridge

B. Wet ground

C. Dry ground

9. What happened to Egyptians when they fallowed the Israelites through the red sea?

A. they made it

B. they died

C. they made it to the sea but the Israelites already made to the other side so the sea closed

10. Now the Israelites were__________. They ___________song.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Priesthood Preview 01-30-11

Tonight Garrett had his Priesthood Preview where the boys turning 12 this year get to hear about what a wonderful privilege it is receive the priesthood. This is something Garrett takes very serious and is very excited for. It was a wonderful meeting and I really think the boys learned and felt the importance of it. They talked about how it is the Power of God given to man to SERVE. It is never used for anything other than helping and serving others around you. Cyrus spoke to the boys using a Power Point he made and he did a wonderful job. Garrett had his hand up for every question asked and got to answer quite a few of them. I sure love my Garrett and know he will do great things with his life. He is a wonderful example to his little brothers!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Santa Rosa Hike 01-29-11

Today Cyrus accompanied the scouts on a 6 mile hike. They invited families to come so Marci and Chloe tagged along as well (they however ended up being the only girls... but for some reason I don't think they minded). Wish I could have gone but I got to stay home scrubbing toilets and folding laundry. Oh the joys of being a mother.
Anyway, they all said they had a wonderful time. Garrett has a wonderful scout leader, Brother Horsely, who really seems to take his calling seriously. I think the boys are learning alot and really enjoying it at the same time. Here are a few pics from the hike:
This is a great group of boys. I'll try and write the names down that I know.
Grant Williams, Tye Handel, Dylan Adams, Hayden Kaas, and Jared Horsely.

Friday strikes again! 01-28-11

I did take some pictures yesterday but I did not have time to blog about them. So this morning since my handsome husband and three oldest children are off on a hike I thought I'd take a minute and blog about yesterday's pictures.
I was looking back at some of my pictures and noticed that we play a whole lot! We do occasionally get things done inside the house but who wants to take pictures of that? Actually I did almost take a picture the other day when I discovered I made it to the bottom of 5 laundry baskets! I was quite proud of myself.
I also might add... I do not post these pictures to make all of you still stuck in winter, jealous... I try to post the things my children love... maybe someday I should post some of the "not so ideal" pictures. Believe me there are many of those through out the day.
I particularly loved yesterday for the very reason this is my Friday scene and I love seeing my children play outside with their friends. They all arrived from school and many of the friends came knocking at the door. I'm so grateful the xbox has been put on the back burner... that may be due to the fact that the game slot wont open but I like to think it's because they have discovered all the adventures to be had outdoors! I went outside to snap a few shots of Liam seeing how Friday's are his days... but he was off hiking through the hills around our house so instead of going off searching for him we waited at the park up from my house. Soon enough he showed up with Bentley and we started a neighborhood game of kickball. There were other children at the park that my kids sort of knew but had never played with so it was great to see them all interacting. At one point even a large dog (or small horse) showed up to play with the kids.
I did have to call them in for dinner at 6:30 and informed them that it would only take 5 minutes to eat the mac and cheese I had prepared... (I love easy dinners). They all came in with big appetites and then they were off to play cops and robbers on the scooters. I will love it when the days start to get longer and the games will do the same.
I'm grateful for the safe neighborhood we live in and the wonderful neighbors we have. Some things about California neighborhoods drive me crazy but for the most part... we love it!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Shopping at Target! 01-27-11

Real quick post before I'm off to bed. Chloe got her birthday gift card from Grandma Price today so we had to hurry off to Target as soon as we could. Charly was happy she got to come with us... so this is the only picture I got today! I still have a hard time getting use to her short hair!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mini Racers! 01-26-11

Real quick post.... I went outside to check on the kids and this is what I discovered.... Mini Racing. They have been telling me about it but it was fun to watch it actually happen! Love my kids and their good friends.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Chloe!

My ten favorite things about Chloe:
10. She's got rhythm! She is always found dancing.... and she does quite a good job of it.
9. She's athletic. She hasn't played a lot of sports but she likes to move fast and she learns anything quickly. She ran 3 miles with me the other day and she has an awesome overhand serve!
8. She's very loving. The other day she gave Enedina (my Mexican grandma) a hug and she commented that she is the most "cariniosa" loving.
7. She loves to be my helper. Today she helped me make my bed... that always puts a smile on my face when my kids are quick to help me out with things.
6. She has a great voice! I love hearing her sing and make up her own songs.
5. She is artistic. She wanted an art kit for Christmas and she has already drawn many wonderful pictures!
4. She has beautiful blue eyes.
3. It is easy for her to smile. She is good at looking people in the eye and smiling at them.
2. She is rarely found sitting doing nothing... she is always doing something... she is even my early riser... I think she gets this from her Grandma Mickelsen!
1. She is mine! 10 years ago today Heavenly Father entrusted her to me! I hope I can be the best mother for her. She has already taught me many wonderful things and I love her soooo much!

We had a great day! Chloe was thrilled when she opened up the Tilly's shirt she had been asking for and was a little surprised to find a cute headband to go with it. She got all cute and ready for school. After school she had one more present to open. She had also been asking for a blue razor scooter... well, I did better than that. I found her a PINK one. She was very happy with the color. After playing "mini racers" outside with her friends we went to get her nails done. I also got mine done... I got acrylics done and it is making this typing sort of difficult. I always forget what a pain these nails can be! Anyway, we came home so she could go out and play with her buddies again and then we were off to McDonalds for a family dinner.
This is what Chloe had to say about her day:
"My day was fun! I got a purple shirt from my friend Leo, I got earrings from Kenzy and a Chargers shirt from Chelsea and Ciarra. I am also going to Lego Land on Friday with Kailey!"
She has such nice friends... I think her friends are so good to her because she is good to them!
Love you sweet Chloe!

Monday, January 24, 2011

FHE 01-24-11

It's Monday and it's time for Family Home Evening. Every month Cyrus tries to interview the kids and see how they are doing. I'm so glad it takes the time to do this. He always makes sure they are comfortable and have a good time. He also makes sure they receive a treat at the end. I think they really enjoy the interviews as well... they most important thing is that they know their daddy loves them.
So while the kids were being interviewed the ones waiting for their turn played Killer Bunnies. It was suppose to be Chloe's day but I decided to photograph Marci this time because Chloe has a very special day tomorrow! the big ONE ZERO....

Sunday, January 23, 2011

I love SUNDAYS! 01-23-11

I also love the sound of my kids playing games together. Right now they are gathered around playing a game of Killer Bunnies.... Garrett's latest favorite pastime. I also love the smell of Chocolate Chip cookies which were baked today! YUMMMY

Thought I'd share my favorite recipe:

2 cups of butter
2 cups of Brown Sugar
1 1/2 cups of Sugar
3 eggs
2 t of vanilla
5 cups of flour
1 1/2 t baking soda
1 1/2 t salt
2 bags of Chocolate Chips... I prefer milk chocolate... and sometimes I add reeses pieces.... YUMMY

Cream butter and sugars... add eggs... and then the rest. You all know the drill. I love making mine in my BOSCH with the cookie beaters.


This picture looks like I totally deprive my children of cookies and only let them stare at them... don't worry.. they eat them til their gone!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another great Day Rock Climbing! 01-22-11

Cyrus was very excited today to take the kids out rock climbing. He is fascinated by the sport and has such a desire to do hard and longer climbs. I'm super glad he is enjoying it and that the family is enjoying it as well!
Marci brought a few of her friends and they all do very well. I was very impressed. Most of them made it to the top if not very close. AND... it is NOT easy! It is hard work and you really have to trust your shoes and the person belaying you.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Love my Fridays! 01-21-11

Happy Birthday Mom! Today my mother turned 74 and you would never know it by the way she acts physically or mentally... She is always making sure her body is healthy and a day doesn't go by that she doesn't study something for hours on end! She has lived such a full life and still has many years in her. The older she gets they more she tries to get out of this long journey on earth. She truly does love life! I believe that is one of her favorite sayings, "I love life".... I could go on and on about my wonderful mother but it's late and I need to go to bed. I do hope someday to be as good of a mother as she is to me. Love you mom!

I also love my Fridays.... Here are just a few typical scenes... the kids and their friends... on the xbox or out on the trampoline! I love life too!

Here is another little project I did the other day. I'll admit... I totally copied it from some stranger's blog but I loved it and it was fun to make... if you want one, i'll insert your name and email it to you!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Don't forget to say your prayers! 01-20-11

These are usually the last words we say to our kids before they head off to their bedroom. We always hope they actually listen and do what they are told. Well, this was the scene we found as we past our little boys room tonight.
I'm grateful for my children and their obedience.
Life is good!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Off to bed... 01-19-11

Another day.... started off with a great 4 mile run. I even bought me some new shoes after 8 months of the same pair. I really pushed it hard today and came back with pretty decent time. I'm glad to be back in the habit after xmas break and all that rain. I am also very grateful that I can run year round here in So Cal. The other day I went out at 2:00 and it was way too hot! Crazy how this weather is here.
I had to snap a quick picture of Charly today seeing how it is her day. It's funny how the kids will come up and ask me if it is their day or not. I think it's been great to focus on each of them individually... and ya know, I think they really like it too.
Chloe wasn't feeling well tonight so she decided to take Charly and retire to bed at 7:30. After a while I realized I hadn't taken a picture yet today so I went up and they were snuggled under the covers in the dark watching a movie with Marci's portable dvd player. They had rigged it up so that it would stick to the bottom of the top bunk and they were happy as could be watching "How to Train your Dragon". I love how my kids get along so well. Tonight before prayers Liam asked if we were going to have another baby. All of the kids thought that would be ok but Charly said "no". I don't think she wants to give up my lap quite yet. We have been telling Grant that he has graduated from my lap and that he can no longer sit there during prayers. Chloe said.. "yeah, Charly will be 19 and still sitting on mom's lap". I think she likes being the baby or "little girl" as she calls herself now.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Tillys! 01-18-11

After watching our neighbor's dog for 5 days the owners came home. Hubble is actually quite a good dog. The kids had a great time playing with him and he went running with me a few times. For the most part it wasn't any trouble. But when Christina came to pick him up today she asked if he had done anything bad.... as I said, for the most part he was good BUT he did pee on Marci's backpack again. A few weeks ago when he came over he pee'd on her backpack for the first time. So, we washed it... but I guess Tide apparently doesn't get all the smell out because that was one of the first things he did was pee on it again. Christina felt really bad and went and got Marci a Tilly's gift card for $35 bucks! She gave her the money so that Marci could buy a new backpack without Hubble's mark. Well... Marci decided to keep the trace of Hubble and buy some new clothes. She had quite a fun time tonight... Thanks again Christina!

Monday, January 17, 2011

One of the reasons I love So Cal... 01-17-11

it is 74 degrees on January 16th and my kids want to run through the sprinklers! I love this weather. Yes, I know it does get blazing hot for a few months out of the year but for the most part it is beautiful.

Yesterday we were BBQing and today we were cleaning out cars and doing yard work. It is absolutely wonderful.
Today my kids also have some lawn mowing jobs. They both need to earn money for girls camp, scout camp, volleyball camp, trip to DC,... and also fun thing like new shoes and i-tunes cards. So, they started their own business:
"Garrett and Marci's Lawn Mowing Business"
Today they have their first two jobs. Garrett has to go do them on his own because Marci got a babysitting job but he is excited. Today he came with me to pick up and edger and we learned how to use it on our own yard. Hopefully people will hire them and it will be a good experience. If you're interested give me a call. Lawns start at $10.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What is wrong with this picture? 01-16-11

We have this empty bunny cage in our backyard. Every time I see it, it brings me much sadness due to the fact that there is no longer a bunny to be kept inside. Our sweet Gandolf left us Christmas morning. I like to think that it found a sweet little girl that morning who had asked Santa for a bunny. I'm sure it made her quite happy! Anyway, this is where I found my little Charly this afternoon eating her desert. No one put her in there. She crawled through the hole all by herself and seemed to enjoy it. I love how her toes are gripping the cage! She is a funny one. So glad I can document so many of her moments.

And seriously... we've all said it... "who needs toys when you've got cardboard boxes!"

This is her "mom I wont do it again look" after getting into the make up.
At least it washes off!