Monday, November 24, 2008

Sneak peek at my Christmas Card!

This is a huge work in progress... but I wanted to share... this is draft one. I still haven't taken pics of the footprints so they are just blobs right now... but what do you think? Click on it to see it big! I think it's pretty fun.

And of course... a quote from Brigham Young:

We should never permit ourselves to do anything thatwe are not willing to see our children do. We should set them an example that we wish them to imitate. Do we realize this? How often we see parents demand obedience, good behavior, kind words, pleasant looks, a sweet voice and a bright eye from a child or children when they themselves are full of bitterness and scolding! How inconsistent and unreasonable this is!
pg. 208

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Will life ever settle down? Probably not!

In most cases if you were to walk by a head stone with your own name on it... it might feel a little strange... in this case it was quite tender. We had never seen Marci's headstone. Cyrus lost his big sister when she was just a year and a half old. That is where Marci got her name. Cyrus occasionally talks about how he wishes he knew his big sister and how he longs to be with her again. There is an extra desire to be good when you know there is someone on the other side pushing for you to make those righteous decisions.

Life has been CRAZY! I've been super busy. The trip to Idaho was great. We got to see a lot of family. We pray for Grandpa Cook now in hopes that he will also feel his burden lifted. It's good to see that Grandma Cook could leave this mortal body behind yet our heart aches for her better half she left behind. I'm glad my kids were able to be there. They had a Grandchild and great grandchild chorus. They sang "If the Savior Stood Beside Me". They did a great job. I could hear Chloe above them all... good thing she has a nice voice.
Anyway, it was a long trip home but it was worth it. Now... if time would just stop for a minute or two I might get caught up with all the things I have to do. This being a photographer is wonderful but it takes a lot of my time... I don't think any of you understand... except maybe Ali. But I still love it. I have another shoot scheduled for tomorrow and a few for next week! It's been great.
There were a few things I wanted to write about from Sunday. We were able to spend Saturday evening with Mike and Marilyn (my sister) and then attend Sacrament meeting with them before we made the long trip home. My kids love being with the Scott Family. They are so good. There is a great feeling in their home. I always leave there wanting to be better. Marilyn is a very good wife, mother, housekeeper, cook... the list goes on. Anyway, we went to church and all four speakers spoke about Elder Wirthlin's talk from Conference. "Come what may and love it". It made me think a little more about how I need to deal with trials... whether they be small or big. We will all have them and it might be daily. He ended his talk with:

I know why there must be opposition in all things. Adversity, if handled correctly, can be a blessing in our lives. We can learn to love it.

Hopefully I'll remember those important points:
  • Learn to laugh
  • Seek for the eternal
  • The principle of Compensation
  • Trust in the Father and the Son
They all gave some great talks... I love reflecting back on conference talks... I tend to forget them all too quickly.

Another side note: I must say I have the best neighbors ever! They babysat my little dog while we were gone. I hate burdening people with those types of things but they were so willing and good about it... well, come to find out, my poor little dog had worms. So my neighbor took him to the vet and got him some good medicine and took care of that for me. I felt pretty sick about it all because of the hassle they had dealing with it. But they were so good... they didn't mention anything about it nor did they make me feel like it was trouble to them (when in fact, i'm sure it was)... so, to end this lengthy post, i'm very grateful for good neighbors!

Last but not least... my quote from Brigham Young:

If we hearken to counsel, we shall be the best people in the world; we shall be as a bright light set upon a hill, that cannot be hid, or like a candle upon a candlestick.
pg. 219

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Photography keeping me busy!

If you are interested in what I've been doing go ahead and take a look:


We are headed to Idaho today. Cyrus' grandma passed away on Sunday and i'm so grateful that we will all be able to go. I think it is good for my kids to attend these things. I hope it will help them understand the Plan of Salvation a little better. I've experienced a touch of death this year. Friday will be my third funeral for this year alone. No, thats not very many but before this I believe I had maybe attended two others. I do believe that Erin's of course was the hardest and touched me the most and always will be. I believe that during funerals from here on out my thoughts will be turned to her and that day, that is of course unless death occurs closer to me than that that was. I would rather not have to experience it closer because I've found out that I don't much care for it. But I guess experiences like this help me grow if I let them. I've learned a lot about life and about myself though these experiences. Probably the biggest thing is that the Lord loves and and can heal us through his atonement if we let him.

Yes, we will lay down these bodies in the grave. What for? That the dust, our mother earth, that composes the house of the spirit may be purified by passing through this ordeal, and be prepared to be called up and unitied with the intelligent heavenly body that God has prepared. This is nothing but a change. It is not the dissolution of the creature; it is merely putting off the flesh that pertains to this world.
pg. 373

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brigham Young Quote for the day!

It adds no beauty to a lady, in my opinion, to adorn her with fine feathers. When I look at a woman, I look at her face, which is composed of her forehead, cheeks, nose, mouth and chin, and I like to see it clean, her hair combed neat and nice, and her eyes bright and sparkling; and if they are so, what do I care what she has on her head, or how or of what material her dress is made? Not the least in the world.
pg. 215

I'm sure glad feathers are not in anymore! I can see why Brigham Young didn't like them!

DH tag!

1.Where did you meet your husband? We were in the same ward as youth. But didn't date until after our missions.

2.How long did you date before you got married? 9 months

3. How long have you been married? 12 years

4. What does he do that surprises you? Well, this week he came and sang in the choir with me!

5. What is your favorite feature of his? His height, big muscles and sweet smile.

6. What is his best quality? He is very forgiving and never holds a grudge.

7. Does he have a nickname for you? Hot chic

8. What is his favorite food? Chicken Fajitas

9. What is his favorite sport? Baseball

10. When and where did you first kiss? After his mission homecoming after a long day of hanging out. It was in his parents basement watching.... I forget the name, the movie where Sandra Bullock helps the guy who gets hit by a train and then he has amnesia and she pretends to be his fiance... help me out guys!

11. What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? Photography and motocross when we have bikes... currently we don't have any.

12. Do you have any children? 6

13.Does he have any hidden talents? He writes music and lyrics... mostly songs about his kids. Oh, and he rights poetry too.

14. How old is he? 33

15. Who said 'I love you' first? He tried to one day. These were his exact words, "would it be alright if I told you I love you?" I responded with a "yes" but I must have sounded pretty hesitant because he then said, "well, maybe someday I will tell you that."! WHAT? A few weeks later I did get a real "i love you" from him.

16. What is his favorite music? Probably anything but hip hop, techno and country

17. What do you admire most about him? He has an incredible mind. He is always learning. His mind never stops. If there is something he wants to accomplish he will read and do all he can until he learns all there is to learn.

18. What is his favorite color? Blue

19. Will he read this? Yes

20. TAG YOU ARE IT!!!! Post about your husband and show him to love him!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Busy yet fun day!

It's been a very full day! It started off with kids doing jobs... you know, trying to get ready for Sunday! We had to have them done because I had promised them they could spend their honor roll money today at Walmart. The only time we had was 9:00am. So, we hurried through our jobs and were out the door. The kids love spending their money. Garrett and Liam were easy, they had their lego sets picked out in no time but the girls took a little longer. The doddled in the toy section for a while and added a few things to the cart, then they said they wanted to go look at clothes! WHAT? Are my kids old enough to want to be buying clothes already? I guess so because we walked out of Walmart with a new pair of jeans, new shoes, new HSM jammies and some Butterfly shorts. They had a lot of fun spending thier money...
So, after the Walmart trip that always takes longer than expected, we were off to Perris for a horse show. I was able to take 800+ pictures today of cute little girls riding thier ponies! It was a good time. I'll have to post some pics once I have the chance to look at them. It was fun, but holding that 70-200 lens gets quite heavy after a while. I shot non stop for 2 1/2 hours. I'm sure I have a ton or pics that will be repeats and many that will be thrown away... thank goodness for digital! I love it... I don't know how they use to do it with film! CRAZY STUFF!
So... we left Perris at 2:30, hurried home, dropped kids off and headed down to Harveston (a beautiful neighborhood in Temecula) for another shoot. I did not know these people either. They were a referral from DDK Flores. They were a great family to shot. Two kids (6 and 10)... it felt like a breeze. I have been so use to shooting little kids that this felt so easy and fun. Here is thier proof site if you are interested in taking a look...
I have my favorites but I usually let people pick theirs as well... I really like the ones in the middle and end... You'll have to tell me what you think.... What do you think of the black cat that wondered into the scene half way threw the shoot? I had to add those... it was pretty funny! (now you are tempted to go look at the site aren't you?)
So, after another hour of shooting... I finally get home at 5:30... but do you think I can actually leave the pictures alone? Of course not! Anyway, I'm off to bed. I get to teach Relief Society tomorrow. Hope it goes well, i'm pretty excited. Hope the ladies are a easy to teach as the primary... I miss those kids.... ahhhh....
Last picture of the day and the only one I've kicked out to a JPEG so far... thought i'd add it... pictures always make a post more interesting!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where is my BOOK?

Okay I know... I'm really lame... my mother just asked me where Nov. 4th and 5th quotes were. Well, so much for getting my house in order and always being able to find things... I misplaced my Brigham Young book! He would have been so disappointed. Don't ask me how but I did just find it on top of the Wii. What an odd spot to have left it and I don't remember that spot to be it's designated place. Anyway, I now have it so I will share a few fun quotes with you all.

Here is one I found on The Family.
A child loves the smiles of its mother, but hates her frowns. I tell the mothers not to allow the children to indulge in evils, but at the same time to treat them with mildness. If a child is required to step in a certain direction, and it does not seem willing to do so, gently put it in the desired way, and say, "There, my little dear, you must step when I speak to you." Children need directing and teaching what is right in a kind, affectionate manner.
pg. 209

I needed this quote today. My children are off track and there are many times that they see my frown. I'm going to work on this and try and be more kind and affectionate.

Here is my all time favorite (its a little long but its worth it). When Cyrus and I were first married we found this quote together and printed it out and put it in our scriptures. I believe it defines a few of our responsibilities really well:

It is for the husband to learn how to gather around his family the comforts of life, how to control his passions and temper, and to command the respect, not only of his family but of all his brethren, sisters, and friends. It is the calling of the wife and mother to know what to do with everything that is brought into the house, laboring to make her home desirable to her husband and children, making herself an Eve in the midst of a little paradise of her own creating, securing her husband's love and confidence, and tying her offspring to herself, with a love that is stronger than death, for an everlasting inheritance.
pg 198

Side note: Here are a few pics i took while getting ready for a client on Saturday... my girls are so good to model for me. Compare these first two... before and after... I didn't really do much to the second one... Compare what some Photoshop can do for a picture... courtesy of the photomaster CY!

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Housewife

A good housewife, whether she possesses much or little, will have a place for everything she has in the house, and make her house orderly and comfortable, and everything when wanted can be found in its place.
pg 213
My husband sure wishes I were more like this... he can never find anything he wants... like scissors, tape, pen, paper... I think I'll start in the kitchen here. Ever since we moved in here I still have not organized my cupboards in a manor pleasing to Brigham Young!

This next quote is for my mother (she's a tad OCD). She is continually counting as she goes anywhere.

Count the steps that a woman takes when she is doing her work, let them be measured, and it will be found that in many instances she had taken steps enough to have traveled from fifteen to twenty miles a day; I will warrant this to be the case.
pg 214

Man, what Brigham Young would have given for a pedometer!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm Back!

Yes, I am back again today...
I was called to be a Relief Society teacher at church (for those of you wondering what that might be: We meet for an hour as women on Sunday's and various people are called as instructors. I will teach once a month out of a manual). I was thrilled with the calling. I love teaching women. But, you must also understand that the reason I like teaching so much is sort of a selfish thing, I get to ponder the lesson for a month and learn things for myself. Whether or not the ladies learn anything, I get a lot out of it... hopefully they will get something out of it as well.
So, this year we are studying the teachings of Joseph Smith. I am teaching the lesson on the degree's of glory next Sunday.... we'll to get to my point of this post, I started pulling out other books. I pulled out the "teachings of Joseph Smith" and "discourses of Brigham Young". Well, let me tell you, I became completely enthralled with Brigham Young's teachings... he is so good... so direct and gets right to the point on nearly any issue you could ever care to learn about. So, I have decided to share with all of you a few of his quotes. I will not bombard you with all of them at once. My goal is to share one a day... well maybe sometimes two a day... but no worries, I won't bore you to death.

Today's favorites:
I thought this one was appropriate with all this election and Prop 8 stuff going on:

There is no law against doing good. There is no law against love. There is no law against serving God. There is no law against charity and benevolence. There is no law against the principles of eternal life. Live them, and no righteous law of man can reach you.
Discourses of Brigham Young pg. 224

This next quote was found under Woman's Fashions:
That which is convenient should be beautiful. As for fashion, it does not trouble me, my fashion is convenience and comfort.
Discourses of Brigham Young pg. 216

That last one made me laugh... now if we could all just remember that! I must say, I do agree. Tomorrow's quote will come from "some womanly duties" so make sure you come back and check it out!

Motto for this week!

"In the end, the number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness, but the number of prayers we answer may be of even greater importance!" Pres. Uchtdorf

I like this, hope I can try and live by it more this week... well from here on out would be an even better idea! So often we get caught up in all the things we have to do... like all the meetings, all the parties, and just all the STUFF... I want to try and prioritize my time so that I can help others instead of always being busy with the other "stuff" that is continually going on.