Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Yesterday we had a little bit of excitement at our house. Chloe was walking through the kitchen looking out our backdoor when all of the sudden she saw this "spark... like a camera flash" and then a poof of smoke! I looked out at it and a fire had started. So we called 911 and talked to the fire station. They hurried over as we watched the hill behind our house burn. It was very close to some homes... maybe two lots sizes away from a few... we knew it wasn't going to be too serious but it was interesting that Chloe had actually seen the first spark... she was Menifee's little hero yesterday!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My first WEDDING!

It was pretty low key but I had a lot of fun. Here is a link to the portraits.... Warning there are a lot of them.... but it was fun! Take a look if you'd like!


Friday, June 5, 2009

Donuts or Mangos?

Normally I would eat BOTH but not today! I have entered a contest with my sister Janet and I am not allowed to eat sweets or I will get points knocked off for the day... AND I really want to win. SO, today the kids and I went to Brother Neumelka's house for free "day old" bread and goodies. He had a box of donuts.... ones with sprinkles, bear claws, old fashioned, maple bars, jelly filled, chocolate covered... they all looked very tempting. I grabbed a box figuring my kids would be very happy with such an "after school treat". After browsing for a while Grant handed my some sliced up Mangos. He thought it was sliced up cheese so I said it would be okay to take the cheese. The produce Brother Neumelka has isn't always the best but this "cheese" looked really tasty and fresh. It took me back for a minute to my years in Cali, Colombia where we had Mango trees, avocado trees, orange trees... you name it it was back there. I was excited to go home and enjoy my mangos while my kids ate the donuts. I can never justify spending money at the store on Mangos because they are sooo expensive, so I was really hoping these were going to be good because the donuts did look rather tasty as well.
We sat outside on the picnic bench. I handed my three little ones the donut of their choice. To my surprise Grant was very anxious to try the cheese he "bought" me. Liam thought he'd give it a try as well. I figured I was pretty save to share a few bites since my children don't normally like "different" food. Well, Grant was in heaven. His donut sat on the table untouched while he took slice after slice of my delicious mangos. Then Charly joined in and was the same... she left the donut and grabbed for the mangos. I think all three of us started shoveling and grabbing a little quicker as we noticed the mangos start to disappear.... I was happy to share since there was a lot to go around and I figure... day old Mangos MUST be better than day old donuts!


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finally something to blog about... with pictures!

Marci and Garrett had their first piano recital today. They were pretty nervous but when they showed up and realized their audience was a bunch of really old people... the nerves went away. Their teacher has them perform at an old folks home and it was pretty low key. It was great for their first time performing.
They are both doing really well and enjoying it. Marci was really impressed with the Senior girl and how well she played. I told her someday she'll be able to play like that too! And Garrett was the only one who had memorized his piece. Well, he memorizes all of his pieces and then plays them in different keys. He really has a knack for it.
Wish the grandma's could have been their... I believe that piano recitals are only ment for Grandmas and mothers!
Thanks Sister Ranes! You do a great job!