Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Camping at J Tree!

We spent last weekend up at Joshua Tree with family and friends.  It was such a great weekend.  We headed up there on Friday right after Marci passed her driving test.  Yes... I now have a legal driver!  It's pretty awesome.  I think she's a pretty good driver as well.  So anyway, we loaded up the car and headed to JTree for some hiking and climbing.  The Robbins, Kaas's, Ragles, Hydes and Handels were all joining us.  It was a blast.  I made some yummy tin foil dinners and we roasted lots of Marshmellows.  I tried doing a peach cobbler and it turned out pretty yummy.  It just took a while to cook.  THere were day hikes, night hikes... biking, climbing, good food and lots of friends to spend it with. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Last night after finishing up dinner at 7:00 Chloe threw together a really fun Family Home Evening.  Cyrus and I were tired and the house was kind of a mess but we decided with should go anyway.   Chloe put together a scavenger hunt for us.  She made a list of about 20 things and we had to split up into groups and go to target and take pictures with the various items.  We had 15 minutes to do it.  A few of the items were:
1D Barbie
My little Pony
Sponge Bob Pjs
Funky hats
Funny Shoes
Huge underware
Something over $500
Something under 50 cents
Bouncy balls

The bonus find was to take a picture with someone you know.  That one was worth 5 points.  But for every 5 seconds over you lost one point.

As soon as we walked in Cyrus Grant found his little buddy Amari.  we quickly took a picture of him.  I'm sure he was wondering what in the world we were doing.  Then we were off to get other pictures.  We weren't able to get 5 items on the list AND we showed up 10 seconds late.  So... even with our 5 point bonus point we lost by 2 points.  Dad's team was able to find everything but the bonus point and the sponge bob jamies.  It was really fun.  I'm glad we took the time to go out with our kids and make some memories.  Thank you Chloe for putting it together so quickly!

Here's a Brigham Young quote for the day:
Let us live so that the spirit of our religion will live within us, then we have peace, joy, happiness and contentment, which makes us pleasant fathers, pleasant mothers, pleasant children, pleasant households, neighbors, communities and cities.  This is worth living for, and I do think that the Latter-Day Saints ought to strive for this.  
Pg. 204

Sunday, November 3, 2013

I looked back at some of my older posts today... dating back to 2008.  I was quoting Brigham Young every once in a while.  It's so much fun to look back at what I had written.  I think my writing needs practice... no... I do not claim to be any type of a writer but I do know that some days the words coming easier than others.  Today is Fast Sunday and so my head is still in a fog.  I think I need food.  Anyways... I wanted to find a quote from Brigham Young to share with you today. 

Today my Sunday School lesson was on Sprititual Self Reliance.  I first talked about the importance of being self reliant and how most of my kids are off to college soon and are going to need to do many things on their own.  We then watched a great video produced by the church on the Parable of the Ten Virgins.  It really made me realize how important it is to fill our lamps because we don't know when the day will come that we will need it.  We must be prepared. 
Here is a quote from Brigham Young that I liked:

Instead of seraching after what the Lord is going to do for us, let us inquire what we can do for ourselves.
pg 293
Here is a link to my blog a few years back....
I want to always be prepared spiritual so that when that day does come I will be ready.  I did however learn that as I serve, pray, read scriptures and fulfill my calling that I am adding drops each time those things are done.  I know I can always do better but I'm grateful for my testimony and the truths I know and hold dear to my heart.  


CRAAAZY weekend!

But really, aren't they all?  Saturday was a full day.  Started out with a 4 mile run with my hubby, then off to buy groceries, off to a volleyball game (which on a side note... we won and beat the undefeated team... oh yeah!!!), baptism luncheon, home to make 90 cookies, finish up the set for the roadshow, get kids to stake center by 4:30 to rehearse, chill out with hubby at Best buy for 20 minutes.... NO WAIT... I get a call.  "leanne, this is Alex from volleyball.  We are at the field all ready for the photoshoot"  WHAT!!??? I had totally spaced this important thing I had to do that day!  So Instead of chilling for 20 minutes I rush to the field off of Garbani to take senior pics for 6 Paloma Valley Varsity girls.  SOOOO glad they called me.  Then I rushed to the stake center to watch the Roadshow.  Finally... I sit and relax for a minute (well, I would never call a roadshow relaxing but at least I got to sit for the next 2 and a half hours with my hubby and sweet little ones).  The road show was great.  It has been a pain in everyone's side for the last 2 months but all in all it was a good experience for the youth.  I was amazed at how much work the wards had put into it. 

On Friday I took my three little ones to the wild animal park.  It was fun.  We went with a lot of kids from the ward.  Jackie Johansen was able to plan a field trip for us and so it ended up being super cheap.  Charly had never seen and elephant so we were on a hunt to find the elephants.  We spent the day with Carmen and her kids.  Its been a while since we had time to spend together so I was glad our kids got to hang out. Charly loved finding the elephants, the gorillas, the giraffes and all the other fun animals we saw. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was another fun day... busy... full of getting kids costumes ready, making chile and eating loads of candy.  It was a fun day.  My boys weren't quite sure what to wear but the bigelows found something for Liam and Cyrus Grant had to settle for being Robin (Marci's costume from last year).  Charly chose to be a kitty cat and Garrett was Mullet Man.  Marci and Siena dressed up as 50s girls and thier boys dressed up as greasers.  (well at least Tyler did)  Chloe (as documented below) was spoiled by the Stewarts and had fun carving pumpkins and making carmel apples. 
My chile actually won an award!  I was super happy.  It really did taste yummy.  Bacon and Hamburger and some yummy garlic from Greg's farm. 
The ward trunk or treat was really fun.  Kids enjoyed thier time and then they were all off to trick or treat.  Marci of course went off with Tyler.  Garrett and chloe also headed off on their own with their friends.  I love how my kids are all able to share friends.  They seem to all get a long great!  We all ended up at the Robbins home to enjoy form more food and some good company.  The Robbins were great hosts!