Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Don't you love it when your sisters come to visit!

I'm kind of going backwards but I wanted to blog a little about one of the fun things I got to do over Christmas Break... As I mentioned below we were privileged to have Aunt Jean come and stay with us for Christmas! We all love her so much because she shares her love with us so freely. Well, on Saturday after Christmas Jean and I went to Lowes to pick up some sheetrock for the project we were doing in Garrett's room. Cyrus is building him a closet and need a few more sheets to finish the job. We thought we'd go and be home in a few minutes... well, cyrus will probably never send us again... two hours later we returned home with a few more things that 2 sheets of sheetrock. I had mentioned to Jean that I wanted her help decorating the very empty, large walls in my house... she has a great eye for things like that, so we thought we'd stop by Ross and see what we could find. Well... one wall turned into MOST of my walls. She was in heaven as she kept adding to the cart and discovering some great treasures Ross has hidden in those jam packed shelves of theirs. Well, after a while my cart was full and I had to say... "no more!"
We returned home and spent the day with a hammer, a level, a broom, a piano (this acted as our ladder at times), and a wonderful mind (of course Jeans) to put all of that STUFF together in my house. I thought i'd share some of the pictures of how it turned out! Thanks again Jean...
Also, Janet... she showed up a few days after Jean and she helped finish up even a few more walls.... I love it when my sisters show up and visit, now only if it could happen more often!

Here is a picture of the MICKELSEN 7- Ranch that I love! I have also had these pictures of my grandpa that were never framed. I was so happy to find a place for them together.
Here is a 110 year old oil painting that Cyrus recieved from his parents a few years ago... Janet and I had to tweek this old frame I had to make it fit but I think it looks really nice in it. This is above my fireplace... I still need something else on this wall... but I guess it will have to wait until another sister comes again!

Here are some pictures of Cyrus and his little helper Charly working on Garrett's closet!

My sweet Chloe!

My little Chloe had a hard night last night. She had been punished for making a wrong choice and was still feeling really bad after we had sent her to bed. We hadn't sent her to bed with out hugs from both mom and dad reassuring her that everything was okay and that she could start over and try not to make a wrong choice again. My last words were "don't forget to say your prayers" Well, a few minutes later I came to my bed and I could still hear tears of sorrow coming from her bedroom directly above ours. Of course my warm bed felt really good and I was tempted to think... "oh, she'll get over it" but then I thought it would be better for me to go up and see what was the matter. So I sat on her bed and she was so upset. I asked her why. And through her tears she explained that when she tried to say her prayers... "it just wouldn't work". She said she couldn't get the words out. So we talked a little about that and how I knew she would feel better after she prayed. So she would try again to get enough courage to say "Dear Heavenly Father..." but again, nothing. I went onto explain that our Heavenly Father wanted nothing more than to hear from her. I told her that she would feel His love as she talked to Him and that she would feel forgiven for her mistake. She was still pretty upset... So I thought I'd try and change the mood and asked her to think of something that made her really happy. I glanced over at her end table and saw her cute new pink ipod she had received for Christmas.... I thought, that will do it! I went on to say... "So, try and remember Christmas morning... what made you REALLY happy that day?" I knew the answer was going to be either the ipod or the new Hannah Montana tent... but I was very wrong! She brought tears to my eyes as she said, with no hesitation "I was the happiest when I gave Aunt Jean the card I made for her." Wow! In December she brought home a green and red Christmas card from school. She was very proud of it. She said she had made it for her Aunt Jean who was going to spend Christmas with us. On the inside it had sweet words only an 8 year old could write. I remember one line said "I hope your Christmas with us is Special!"
Anyway, I hugged my little girl and told her what a sweet heart she had and that we ALL make mistakes but only Heavenly Father can take them away if we let Him. I asked again if she was ready to pray.... she was now calm enough and together we said a sweet prayer. I could tell she was much happier and had felt our Heavenly Father's love. We hugged super tight for a long time after that. I believe she was able to peacefully fall asleep instead of falling asleep to tears.
Our children can teach us so much if we let them. I worry sometimes as a mom if I don't allow them to express their love and feelings as much as I should. But I know I will never forget the sweet moment Chloe and I had last night... and I hope she doesn't forget it either!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Years Day!

January 1, 2010 was spent trying something new.
Jeremy Price had invited us many times to go rock climbing but we had never been able to go... but finally we were able to accept the invitation and it was well worth it. None of us had ever been rock climbing before so we really had no idea what to expect. I had no idea there were designated rocks that already had pins that we could hook on to.
While Jeremy accomplished the hardest task of the day (climbing up and hooking the rope 100 feet up the rock) the rest of us watched and played around. John Ranes took all the little boys and one girl up through the rocks.... I think Grant made him a little nervous. Grant has no idea that the ground really would hurt after a 20 foot fall. Those little boys climbed and climbed.... they didn't realized you needed a safty rope. Its so fun to see them out playing and getting dirty.
The rope was finally ready and Chloe was very anxious to be the first one up. Dad said that if she made it to the top he would give her $5! That bribe ALWAYS works with Chloe. With no fears she headed up the steep rock and made it look so easy. I was very proud of my little girl.... especially after my climb. Marci was the next to get harnessed up... she made it look a little more difficult, yet still managed to reached the top of the rope. I was next and was excited to head up the rock. It was a lot harder than it looked. There were times where I didn't think I could put me feet anywhere... I was amazed when the special rock climbing shoes would grip to even the slightest ridge. It was hard and a little scary but it was so much fun! Cyrus was next and he cruised right up to the top. Sandy wondered if a one legged man was going to be able to climb such a steep rock... but Cyrus made it look pretty easy as well. He also really enjoyed it and hopes he'll get invited again soon! Then little Eli (7 years old) climbed up and again made it look easy! Garrett even got all harnessed up and tried it a bit. I'm hoping that next month I can take the Laurels out and see if they can do it.... it will be fun!
Anyway, I'm hoping to blog a little more this year... one of my resolutions... but that's a whole other blog entry.