Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Now that I'm 34!

Flowers from my DH for my birthday!

What? I'm actually 34? That's seems pretty old to me... but I like it. Yesterday was a good day. I have many sister's and friends that remembered my day... (note to self... remember their birthday's as well.) Anyway, I wouldn't change anything about my life right now... I love all of it... especially my dear hubby and my sweet 6 kids.
Well, did I say I wouldn't change anything?
Those of you who know me, know that I'm always changing my hair color... for some reason, I just can't get it right... and the grey hairs that keep popping up don't seem to want to go away. So, tonight I decided to change it again... I'm no longer a cheap blond... I'm now a brunette. Isn't it great being a girl? We can get away with anything. One of the pluses to being a brunette is that my children always tell me I look like Aunt Jean. Well, I only wish, she has beautiful brunette hair that has never been tampered with... and did I mention... she's 10 years older than I am! I think she's only seen 2 or 3 grey hairs her whole life! I wish... Anyway, it will be fun to wake up and hear the kids tell me I look like Aunt Jean again.
So, since I have a new doo I thought I'd post some pictures so that my friends aren't completely shocked when they see me... or so that they will still know who I am when I run into them in Target!

Here is an offer to all of you faithful readers... If any of you would like to come by in your husbands favorite old tatered shirt, I'd love to snap some head shots... wouldn't he just love that? I know my husband does... and i'm not trying to make money off of you, I'd take the shots b/c it's fun (yes, i'm talking free)! And I know it would make somebody really happy.... and besides, the lighting is already set up! Just give me a call!

(and no, it doesn't have to be an old tatered shirt... I just find that this shirt is one of my favorites!)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Homecoming Pics!

Saturday night I had the chance to go down to Poway to take Homecoming pictures for 4 couples. It was tons of fun. They were a fun group of kids. There are a lot of pictures here but you need to check some of them out!


These are just a few of my favorites! (isn't my neice just adorable... the one in the teal)

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sorry, if my dog's name offends anyone (especially those whose girls are named Ella) but that is what the family finally decided on. On Sunday I awoke to white trash all over my living room... Well, let me clarify... there were white pieces of paper plastered all over everything... "VOTE for Ella" or "VOTE for Cookie". The girls were very set on naming the puppy Ella whereas Garrett and Liam wanted her to be named Cookie. They decided to hold an election. Everywhere I went there were signs... I went to warm up something in the microwave and what do I see but "VOTE for Ella"... I venture into the bathroom and come to find another Ella sign neatly placed on the toilet seat. Obviously the girls were much more enthused about getting her named Ella than the boys. Although, they were pretty adamant that they did not like the name Ella... Well, dad ended up giving his vote to Charly. The girls placed two pieces of paper on the floor with each name and let Charly choose. If I recall, dad's vote went to Cookie. But then when she choose for herself, I believe it was another vote for Ella (of course.. she Charly a girl ya know and very obedient to her older sisters). In the end Ella won 5 to 3. The boys were disappointed but dad made a good point, Garrett had been there to pick her out so he conceded and accepted Ella as her new name!

While I still really like my puppy, I want to jot those endearing and cute things down... (ya know, just in case I don't always feel that way... maybe we should do that with our husbands? Just kidding Cy, you know I love you!)
  • She loves to cuddle. At first i thought it was because she liked us but Bridgett told me it was because she misses her mother... OH... that made me sad. So I cuddle her even a little more now.
  • She lets Charly pick her up, pull her tale and twist her little paw in all sorts of directions. Charly giggles and giggles. The puppy lies there and takes it until I come rescue her.
  • She takes little naps with Grant. He always comes and gets her and says, "I want her to sit on my lap!"
  • I get to go for walks now with a dog! It gets me out more... the funny thing is that Ella prefers riding in the stroller than walking... what a lazy dog! (but I could never take a cat for a walk in a stroller... they are much too independent.)
  • She paws at the door when she wants to come in... she also knows I'm a sucker and will come at her first call.
  • She loves to be outside with us and she doesn't run away.
  • She doesn't bark... or make any other sound for the matter.
  • She follows me around like a little puppy dog... (note: I have never had a puppy before, I have just always heard that expression!)
  • Grant now has a new best friend to play with while his big brother Liam is at school.
Those are just a few things I like about my puppy... I told Cyrus not to let me call her my baby... I've had to catch myself a few times... AHHH... I don't want to be one of those... but I probably will be. I've even already dressed her up in doll clothing! I know, pretty pathetic...
All in all we love our little puppy... Who knows though, next week's post might be titled "things I dislike about my puppy!" Or maybe "Puppy for sale!"

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Outings!

As I mentioned in early posts, we as a family enjoy Sunday outings. Yesterday after a few naps and a delicious dinner prepared by my handsome handyman we headed out to the tire swing. We discovered this wheat field with huge trees. There is a big tire swing tied to one of them and the kids love going there. Especially Chloe. Every Saturday or Sunday or Family Home Evening we hear, "Can we go to the tire swing?" Well, we gave in yesterday. I grabbed my camera and my baby's tutu and headed to the field. And of course the kids had to grab our latest addition to the family "Ella". It's not too far from our house, maybe 3 miles. Of course I had to snap of some shots of my baby so I went one way with the camera and dad went to the swing to push the kids way up high. They all love it except Liam. He thinks he likes going high and tells dad, "push me as high as Grant!" but those feelings quickly go away when he is actually being pushed. Grant on the other hand is fearless. At one point he was only hanging on with one hand... on purpose. Liam also had a knack for getting in the path of the oncoming swing. He got knocked straight to the ground at least three times. Here are a few pics to document the evening. I really need more practice with the kids in motion but at least it shows their happy faces.

(Sorry, these pics were saved with the wrong profile! I hate it when I do that... they look good in the pics of the week so make sure you take a look at those!

So here is the picture of the evening!
Can anyone guess what on earth we are doing? Charly knows and she's happy about it!
So we are enjoying the last few swings before we head home and as we watch Chloe soar through the air we hear "kchunk... kchunk... kchunk" We look over and the baby is in the van with all the doors shut and pushing a button... we all hoped it was the unlock button as the keys were in the van... but OH NO... she loved the lock button! We tried and tried to get her to move her finger a quarter of an inch to the other button but she had no desire to move that little finger... She must have locked my van nearly 300 times. So Cyrus did what he could with the antenna and a few pieces of wood. He got the door pried open and tried sticking the antenna in and pushing the unlock button himself. Well, after 45 minutes of that it was dark out and Charly wasn't even having any fun anymore...so Marci and I decided to run for help... oh course we had no cell phone on us either.. (the only weekend my husband doesn't have call... he purposely left it home!) We ran to the Snethen's home which was about a mile away. We were almost there but were having trouble finding their house. As we walked in a few different directions Marci saw the van drive past us a street up. We chased the van... but they didn't hear our cries, so we kept on running. We finally made it to the van... they had stopped at the Snethens to see if we were in there... Just as Cyrus knocked on their door he saw us running up! "false alarm!" Well, we were very grateful for answered prayers and for our handsome handyman today. It made for quite an eventful evening for all of us. We laughed afterwards... "it was funny in the begining and the end... but not in the middle!"

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Look what we got!

Cyrus has always wanted to get the kids a puppy... and today was the day. He called us on his way home from Target and said, "hurry, come outside, get everyone, I have a surprise"!

Stake Temple 24 hour session!

Last night Cyrus and I were able to go to the temple with many people from our stake. They had scheduled a 24 hour session! WOW... We were able to attend the 8:00 chapel session with President Sornson and then the 9:00 session. Many from our ward went on to attend a few sessions after that one. Wish we could have but we had 6 children to tend to. Karen and Marc were kind enough to watch all of them while we were at the temple. It was so good to be in the temple. Many people came up to Cyrus after the session with questions... they wanted him to teach them all. He must be a great Gospel Doctrine teacher because they all turn to him for answers. I feel very lucky having him as my very own... I get to ask him questions whenever I want... and if he doesn't know the answer he's usually pretty good at coming up with something else he can teach me... Like the other day he started talking about parallel universes... WHAT? Sometimes his topics are a little too much for me, but I still try paying attention so I might get something out of it. Love him dearly...

Parallel universe or alternative reality is a self-contained separate reality coexisting with our own. A specific group of parallel universes is called a multiverse, although this term can also be used to describe the possible parallel universes that comprise physical reality. While the terms "parallel universe" and "alternative reality" are generally synonymous and can be used interchangeably in most cases, there is sometimes an additional connotation implied with the term "alternative reality" that implies that the reality is a variant of our own. The term "parallel universe" is more general, without any connotations implying a relationship (or lack thereof) with our own universe.

Did you catch all that? Hope so!

Gotta run... a surprize just came home... more posts to come!

Tu-tus and washing windows!

Do they mix? Well, yesterday Bridgett and I spend hours making cute little tu-tus for our babies! It was so much fun. We're both not quite the crafty type (well, she has much more patience and a a much better touch for crafts than I do) but they ended up looking quite cute. We are going to be doing some studio shots of the girls soon... But here is a pic for you all to enjoy in the meantime.

I also love this picture b/c I 've been trying to capture a blue sky w/o photoshops help. I think this sky turned out really nice. We've had some wonderful weather with blue skies and clouds... I've loved it.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Charly's Check Up!

Charlotte had her 1 year check up last week, thought I should document at least her height and weight before I lose the paper.

Weight: 24 lbs
Height: 31 1/4 inches

Dad's first question was "so how big's Charly's head?" The children in our family have been know for their big heads. I guess that is a Price characteristic they all get to share. Unfortunately I don't have that info to write down... but i'm sure the number would make her daddy proud.

Charly's favorite words are "Mamama and Dadada" Not sure she can say much else, oh and "taka taka taka..." All of my kids have said that, not sure what it means but they enjoy blurting it out quite often. Charly also loves to eat. Her bottle is still her favorite source of nutrition, I think the cookie comes in second. (another one of her father's traits). She loves being big like the other kids. I can quite often find her out at the tetherball or walking around with an xbox controller. She has also been caught dancing at Aerobics. As you have seen, one of her favorite pastime is water and the hose! Her best friend is little Eliza and occasionally big brother Grant.
(Not the best composite... wasted way too much time on "not the best pictures" but Eliza and Charly are pretty cute together. Don't you just dig the outfits!)

Monday, September 15, 2008


I want a HUGE picture on my wall of my kids... Which one do you like the best?




(oh, and btw vote YES on Prop 8)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Photoshop work!

I love doing these composites with photoshop. It's so fun because I start with just a few of my favorite pics and a blank white sheet. Chloe gave me some very cute photos to work with so this one was easy. It's interesting though because I start one and I add some thing here... and there... and then I think it's not working... and then it all comes together. If you want to check out more of my composites visit my site:

Monday, September 8, 2008


I'll probably put this on the sidebar eventually... It's my favorite family pictures of the week!

Check it out here

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ok, so call me SILLY!

I was wasting some time today... not a usual thing at all for me... and I was talking to my sister Marilyn. Her first words for me were, "will you come clean my kitchen?" And my response was,

"I'll be right there, after I clean mine."

Cleaning is such a big thing in a mother's life. That is what we live for most days... we wake up, make breakfast (usually around last nights dinner mess), then, maybe I clean up breakfast before I go to aerobic... but not likely. Most days I try to get the house clean before Liam comes home... but if that doesn't happen, I try and get it done before the other kids get home... and if that doesn't happen, we do a quick pick up before dad gets home. The kids are very good at doing that... especially if I bribe them with x-box games... Sooo.... you all get the picture right? Or is it just me? Well, today while talking to Marilyn she said that she could get her kitchen done in 25 minutes if she would just do it, so, I decided to do what she said... "clean my kitchen in 25 minutes" Well, I thought mine would take more like 45... so....

Has you kitchen ever looked like this? You might say... that wouldn't take me 45 minutes!

How about your sink? YUCKY...

I thought I'd play a game today to help me get this kitchen clean. Like really clean.. corners, oven and little details like that. I decided to take some before and after pics to post on my blog. I gave myself 45 minutes to see what I could get done. (you can even check the microwave time and see that it was actually 45 minutes, give or take a few)

Here are the results.

As I was cleaning..... I thought about all the cleaning advice and things I have learned from my mom and sisters...
  • MOM: She has taught me many little cleaning tips... I don't always follow them but whenever I do I think of her: 1. Always shut the cupboard doors. 2. When ever you are walking through a room you should always pick something up and put it away. 3. Wipe the counters off before you sweep.
  • JEAN: One day when I was visiting her I saw rags thrown in her backyard. I asked WHY? Well, whenever she had a dirty rag she would throw it outside so it wouldn't stink up her house. GOOD IDEA! Well, I don't throw mine outside but I now have a dirty clothes basket dedicated to stinky rags. I now wash my rags separately and in bleach. It took me a while to learn that, but living in California rags get stinky real quick.
  • KAREN: Today when I went to clean my kitchen I said, I'm going to make a game out of it... hence this post. Karen always plays games when she cleans. I first thought it was to make it fun for her kids but no... she does games all by herself even when she's the only one cleaning... makes things much more fun.
  • LYNDA: When I went to the hospital to have Chloe, Lynda came to my Salt Lake City apartment to watch my other kids while I was having a baby. She's such a good sister that even cleaned my house. I was so happy. One of the first things I noticed was the dirty spot covered with crumbs poking out of from my oven was missing! She even cleaned the little corners that were dirty. I mentioned that to her and she said, "I cleaned little corners thinking you would not even notice it was ever done." I did, and now whenever I clean little corners I think of Lynda.
  • JANET: She told me once that she likes to fridge to be free of papers and magnet junk... I have tried that and have failed but whenever I do decluter my fridge, it looks so much better and I think of Janet.
  • MARILYN: She taught me something today... I know there have been other things but this one comes to my mind today, 'I can clean my kitchen in 25 minutes' . If I have that mentality then I might approach it differently.
  • STEPHANIE: She falls under the "wish list" for my kitchen. She decorates her house so nicely. As you can tell, my kitchen is pretty bland... someday I wish to have cute decorations throughout my house. I'm pretty sure when that day comes and I can go buy cute stuff, I will call Stephanie because she has a knack for that sort of thing.
  • CATHY: Cathy's advice isn't really a cleaning tip but "a good mom" tip. I was over at her house once before her kids came home from school and she had homemade cookies ready for them. She said she tried to always have something ready for them when they would walk in the door. I haven't faithfully done this but I have tried.
  • SARAH: No tips from you yet... I know there is a lot I can learn from you.. but instead I will pass on all these great tips to you.
Okay... now that you have heard from me... let me hear your tips! I need all the help I can get.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor Day FUN!

We rarely have the time to take the kids out on their motorcycles but today we made the time. We met up with Jeremy and Sandy and headed to the desert to kick up some dirt. Liam was was so excited to go because he had just received a pair of new motorcycle pants from his grandpa. They even matched his red motocross shirt. Currently the weather in Menifee is quite HOT. Most days reach 100, so we wanted to be out there a little early. I knew it was going to heat up but Liam didn't mind, he still wanted to wear his motocross outfit. He looked pretty darn hot to me... but I couldn't talk him out of it. After he was dressed and ready to go Grant came down with his motocross outfit... well, what he thought one was anyway. It was a pair of pjs that that had dirtbikes on them. Needless to say, I couldn't talk him out of wearing his Motorcross outfit either. We were lookin' good!

The kids loved every minute of it. Garrett does really well on the Husky and the Yamaha 80, he rode non stop, occasionally coming back for a drink. And Liam as well, he has been known as our timid one, rarely hopped off for a drink (and he looked sooo hot!) He was doing great out there. He tipped the bike over a few times but there was nothing stopping him from getting right back on. Marci loves to ride as well and as always, my constant helper. She knows when to step in when needed. I love that about her. She was constantly taking the little ones for rides. She's such a good big sister. Chloe really enjoyed the day on Eli's little four wheeler. She also just loves being in the dirt with the rest of us. She and Eli spent a good while trying to catch lizards. There was one in particular that would continually poke his head out of the hole but for some reason was not about to jump in their little red cups.
This reminds me of the other day, (wish I had some pics to document it).... We went to the Neumelka's swimming pool on Friday. They are the best neighbors with a fantastic pool. I always go up there without Cyrus so it is hard for me to work with Liam and Grant. I always make them put little floatys on so I don't have to worry about them as much. Well, Dad showed up! We were all so happy to have Dad come play because he actually gets in and throws the kids around, does the Shamu trick (this is quite impressive, one kid hops on his back with their arms around his neck and he dives in, most of the time he comes up and they have lost their grip but Liam actually stayed on the whole time), They love that play time with Dad... Well, since Dad showed up I told Liam he needed to practice his swimming, so off with the floatys. He was thrilled. Well, he jumped in and swam across the deep end... well, I don't know if you could call it swimming, but he kept afloat. He was so cute. He wouldn't get very far and would come up for a breath... it took him a while to get across, it was making me tired just watching him, but then he would finally make it to one side and then he'd turn right around and head back... He loved it. At one point he was even jumping off the wall doing flips into the pool.... and yes, Grant was right behind him the whole time, except he had to keep the floatys on... but soon enough. SO, I have another swimmer and I am so relieved... I love it and he loves it... Kids just love learning and gaining more independence every day.
Well, anyway, we had a great weekend, Here are some pics from the desert.