Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ms. Charlotte had a Birthday!

Charly had a birthday!  It was a great day!  I've really enjoy this little one.  Maybe it is because I don't have another baby and so I'm enjoying every little thing this one does! She is doted over and spoiled by her siblings.  She is so happy and loves being a little girl dressed in pink looking like a princess.  She keeps telling people that she is turning 6 but i'm glad she's only 3.  She gets to spend the morning alone with mom now that Grant is in school.  She's very content and doesn't require a lot of attention and she's just a joy to take anywhere.   A few things about my Charlotte at age 3:
  • She loves to swim (she's a little fish... she's very good about wearing her life jacket and even gets a little upset when mom forgets to do up the wedgie strap)
  • She is fascinated with little big planet! (she loves the sack boy that mom made)
  • She calls me her best friend (unless someone else is asking her the question)
  • She loves watching TV... right now her favorite show to watch is Batman... last month it was Iron Man... I don't know what it is she likes about superheros... but she loves them.  It might be because she loves hanging out with her brothers.
  • She loves going to the park and is a brave little girl climbing to the tops of any playground.
  • She loves hanging out with her sisters and thinks she is there same age at times.
  • Her current best friends are: Kate Thomas and Eliza (lishi) Sims
  • She is a social butterfly.  Her nursery leader Sister Allen told me today that she is the calm one in Nursery and a very popular one.  She does love to PLAY!  But don't we all! 
Thanks to her daddy we have this cool video of her!

    Charly's 1095th day from Leanne Price on Vimeo.

    I love you little Charlotte Price!

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Back to School brings Blessings!

    In more than one way! It's great to be back on a schedule and I think my kids are happy to be back in school as of day 2! Marci started 7th grade, Garrett 6th, Chloe 4th, Liam 2nd and Grant started Kindergarten. It was a fun first day of school. I walked with the little ones to the grade school but was soon left behind by Liam and Chloe. They seemed to know where they were going. Grant had started his walk out quite brisk but the closer we got to the school he seemed to slow it down. He never expresses concern and never said he was nervous but I could sense a little bit of it. We walked up and met his teacher Mrs. Kosch. He likes to say her name and thinks she is nice. There are many kids from the ward in his class so that is nice as well. The first day went smoothly and any nerves he might have had quickly went away.
    Monday night Cyrus prepared a great lesson for the kids. They are so blessed to have a daddy who is such a wonderful teacher. He taught them that we need to know about Jesus in order to do what he does and to be like him. He then went on to give them each a back to school blessing. Here are a list of a few things mentioned in the blessings in hopes that we will remember them.

    -You have a spirit of joy and happiness.
    - Find friends that will help you to be happy.
    - Also, help them to be better.
    - Listen to your teachers.
    - Have the courage to NOT follow others but to follow our Saviors example.
    - I bless you with a quick mind to do well on tests.
    - Bless you to enjoy band and learn quickly.
    - Follow the Lord, Work Hard and be kind and you will be filled with Happiness!

    Garrett: (garrett specifically asked for help with penmanship, organization and to be better in sports)
    -I want you to know that you are a special spirit. Heavenly Father loves you and you have set a great example.
    - Follow the things the Holy Ghost tells you even when it is difficult.
    - Always do the things that are right.
    -Bless you to do well in your school work.
    -Try hard to improve your penmanship, organization and to improve in sports.
    -I want you to know that these blessings aren't magic. You have to work hard, pray and excersize faith and you will be blessed.
    - Be around the right crowd and choose the right.
    -Always be aware and help others around you.
    -I want you to know the Heavenly Father loves you.
    -He has given you gifts of being happy, friendly and kind. Always try and improve on these and help people around you be happy.
    -Always have a smile even when it might be difficult.
    -Look for those people that need your help.
    -Bless you to understand the teachers explanations and that they might be clear. The Holy Ghost will help you.
    -Always do what the Holy Ghost asks you to do.
    -Try to always make people feel better.
    -Develop your talents by working at them. The Holy Ghost will also help you with your singing and music.
    -Always be kind and include people and never make people feel bad.
    -Heavenly Father loves you and he is happy with you!
    -I bless you to understand the things your teacher teaches you.
    -I bless you that school will be easy for you and you will be successful.
    -Be modest and clean in the things you do.
    -Always Choose the Right and follow the Holy Ghost.
    -Never let people talk you into doing things that are wrong.
    -Find lonely kids and help them feel good.
    Grant:(his request was "I want the shortest blessing". He was last to go and was ready to move on to the next thing!)
    -I bless you to be happy.
    -To learn quickly.
    -Have an open mind.
    -The Holy Ghost will teach you all you need to know.
    -I bless you to be protected.
    -To like your teacher.
    -To find friends.
    -To enjoy school and come home and tell Mom all about it!
    -Do your homework and learn your responsibilities.