Thursday, March 31, 2011

I miss this!

I truly have missed this because this month has gone by and I already don't remember what went on! I have taken pictures (probably not every day) but I have done some of that. Here are a few I thought I'd put up to remember what went on in March. (other than taking pictures of other people... which always keeps me pretty busy!)

Fun day at the Park... I love this weather her in so cal! 3-11-11

Cyrus being obsessed and learning everything he can about his new hobby! 3-13-11

Making bird houses at cub scouts... still no bird in mine but they were fun to build. I don't know if there were meant to go in palm trees. 3-15-11

-Chloe trying out her new dress for the daddy daughter luau. 3-17-11Cyrus being a wonderful daddy for the daddy daughter luau... I hear he even danced to Justin Beiber! He's wonderful and Chloe had a great time... I was busy taking pictures for 150 couples... Crazy busy night! 3-18-11 Isn't my husband so handsome, even in a Hawaiian shirt!
My cub scouts building models. I love my calling. We have a great group of boys! 3-22-11

Grant was "special bear" for a week with his kindergarten class and he was suppose to take care of the class bear. Here are a few things that went on this week! Grant laughed and laughed about these pictures! Needless to say... Alex wanted to take care of Kinder bear too! 03-23-11

Marci is in symphonic band at Bell Mountain Middle School and I was able to go to one of their performances. They were amazing! I was really impressed and so were the judges. They walked away with the highest score of "superior". Mr. Ketner said that his band had not received that in 4 years. They really did well! I even went and got her and her friends some in and out hamburgers for doing so well! 03-24-11

Mom got to go to Grant's class today to talk about her totally awesome boy! It was fun and he has some great friends in his class! 03-25-11

I took Marci shopping the other day for dresses because she has outgrown all of hers too quickly. Everything seems to be too short. Well, she found this cute suit at Kohls and I thought she looked great in it. We were happy for such a great find. A few days later Cyrus wanted to take me shopping for a new dress for Sunday. I have been so busy with photography lately and so he thought I deserved a treat. I couldn't find anything I liked.... but I found this one and he hadn't seen Marci's dress yet and I tried it on and he loved it. I said, "there is one problem, I just bought this dress for our daughter Marci." He said... she won't care... it's fine. "I think you look great". Well, I bought it and was a little worried... but I got home and showed it to Marci and she seemed just fine. She even thought it would be fun to wear our matching suits to the Young Women's conference that night. We got TONS of compliments and it was so much fun to go out with my matching daughter! She's wonderful and I really enjoy spending time with her! Thanks Marci! 03-26-11

So, I think that is March in a nutshell! Hope April is a little better!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Guitar Lessons for reals! 03-10-11

The kids and Cyrus are really enjoying guitar lessons! They almost have "now I'm a believer" from shrek learned. The little boys also think they are taking Guitar. Every night Liam begs dad to give him a guitar lesson.


AND another baby! 03-09-11

I see why I've been soooo busy... lots of shoots. But it's been fun. This little guy is less than 2 weeks old and he has some wonderful parents.

Senior Session take 2! 03-08-11

Out for a senior session in Riverside! It was a good day!

NEW CARPET! 03-07-11

Today was a big day for my Heaton Ln home. We got new carpet! What a difference this makes! We were able to put soft new carpet in every room that had carpet. Super happy day! Thank you Cyrus!

Friday, March 11, 2011

03-06-11 Senior shoot?

Cyrus and I went to downtown Riverside today to scout out some good spots for a senior shoot that I have coming up. Sorry... it's a picture of me today. And if you haven't figured it out... this is probably my favorite shirt at the moment.
I love this location. There were so many possibilities.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

03-05-11 We tried to Rock Climb....

and as my kids say... we had an


We found a bolted route but were unable to get up to the top. I hooked in the first quick draw and then we didn't go any further... sort of a humbling experience for us! But we still had fun. We tried to go to a new rock this time and it was sort of difficult! The kids still had a blast climbing all over the HUGE rocks you find her in So Cal. We also found some hobos living under a rock!

03-04-11 Baby Jet

No... once again... not my baby but this is the picture for the day! I was priviledged enough to take pictures of this sweet baby. This is Angie Larson's first grandbaby and he is just as sweet as his grandma! I love the Larson family! Angie is a pillar of strength to all who know her. We all aspire to be like her. She is so loving, patient, sincere, down to earth and very spiritual! This little guy is lucky to have her as his grandma!

03-03-11 Bean Bag Theater!

I've been super busy with shoots... so my kids have been put on the back burner... here's a quick edit of a shot we did for a company. LOADS of fun! If any one want to do this for a birthday party let me know and I'll get you their info!

03-02-11 I love watching this little girl!

I CAN do this
I WANT to do this!
I have MISSED this!
PLEASE... keep going and don't give up!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

03-01-11 Senior Session!

I had a senior session the other day and so I didn't snap any pics of my kids but I did take this one of Sam and Sheldon. Both great kids and so happy I got to be the one to take their pics!

02-28-11 She came home!

After Church at Poway on Sunday we came home to find our little Alex was missing. We were a little sad and we looked and looked and figured she was gone forever. The kids were find and so was I but I think I was the MOST sad. On Monday Chloe and her friend went around and put up signs all over the neighborhood. They were a little sceptical by saying that signs never work. I reminded them that they had never put up signs before so how do they know they "never work". It wasn't even 5 minutes and someone knocked on our door with little Alex in her arms. We were happy she was back. (I think I was even happier than the kids). I really think Alex is going to be a good dog. For a puppy she doesn't chew on things, she sleeps great, has only had 1 accident this week and she's very cute. There are a few things we are working on like the nipping she does when she is excited but she does also seem to know what "no Alex" means. So with that being said... we are happy this week that little Alex came home. I snapped this picture to send over to Cyrus and you know... He likes our little puppy about as much as I do!

Here is another Iphone picture. On our trip to Utah Marilyn had a bag of hand-me-downs for Charly and here's one of my favorite dresses... Charly loves chothes! Thanks again Aunt Marilyn.