Sunday, February 27, 2011

Welcome Home Elder Davis! 02-27-11

Today was a wonderful day at church! We were privileged enough to attend the Green Valley Ward in Poway, CA and hear a wonderful missionary report. I haven't been able to hear my other nephews report their missions and to be honest I have been so jealous of those who have been able to. I was glad it was finally my turn to experience the wonderful feelings felt at a missionary homecoming. Eric did a fantastic job sharing his experiences with the us through the spirit. So humble and confident. He hasn't changed... still the same cute, happy Eric. BUT... as we heard him talk of his mission it was very apparent that he has grown immensely, as all GOOD missionaries do. He struggled speaking English as you could tell he had to translate in his head before he would allow the words to come out of his mouth. He's a great man and will go on to do wonderful things. I snapped a few shots of the crowd at the Davis'. Those of you that know them... know these wonderful people and know of the love the Davis' have in their home.

Saturday Night Games! 02-26-11

I love late nights when kids just come and hang out. We had a fun Saturday night with the Kinect. The kids had a blast and were sweating from all the jumping, dancing, winning, loosing and mostly spazing out!

Honor Roll! 02-25-11

Garrett and Marci both received a 4.0 again this trimester! I am so proud of my kids. Marci was off playing with Grandma therefore she was unable to receive her award. Chloe also received Honor Roll but I don't think I had my camera at her awards assembly. The coolest thing about these assemblies is that their friends are also always getting honor roll. It is so import that they choose good friends and I believe my kids have chosen great ones! This come with hard work but mostly I think they pay attention in class and respect their teachers. I always receive wonderful reports from all of their teachers. I can only give thanks because I know my kids choose to be good!
Thank you kids for CTR!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Braces! 02-24-11

Garrett is the first to get braces in our family. He says they make him talk funny.
I say... "get use to it...
TWO years kido"

Guitar Lessons! 02-23-11

Cyrus is going to start teaching guitar lessons to one of Marci's friends... therefore... MY kids will get guitar lessons! I'm really excited about it. Hopefully someday they will be able to play as well as their daddy!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Liam gets invited to the Blue and Gold! 02-22-11

Last night we had the blue and gold banquet for boy scouts. Currently I have NO cub scouts in my family. It's sort of a weird feeling. Liam will go into scouts in December and I know he will love it!

Today I had an adventure I haven't had in a long time. I had to take all three of my little ones to the grocery store with me. I realized once I was in there that I hadn't done that in years! I sure miss my baby sitters this week and I now recognize how much I really do use them. Thanks so much Marci and Chloe for all you do. I might add.. Garrett is an excellet baby sitter as well. Last night after the Blue and Gold Cyrus and I had a church meeting so Garrett went home with the kids, played some xbox, read scriptrues, said prayers (hopefully brushed teeth) and put them in bed. So grateful for all of them stepping up and especially NOT complaining, when needed.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Back to Reality... 02-21-11

It's been a wonderful day with my hubby home and all... we got a few projects done. We worked on the back yard and fixed the fence so that Alex won't get out and Cy went out with me on a shoot I had. I love it when he comes with me.... makes for a much better time for me anyway. Heres the picture of the day. It happens to be me this time. Cyrus has an 85L lens that he loves and so I get to be his model from time to time. He snapped this one while we were waiting for my clients to show up.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Alex is home too! 02-20-11

The Stringhams dropped the dog off last night and he was so much bigger. It's crazy how fast they grow! I THINK we are still happy to have a dog... he better behave or else he's getting the boot!

It was a great day at church but I did miss my girls. I'm grateful they have this opportunity to stay with their grandma for a week. Garrett is stepping up and becoming my wonderful helper. Charly EVEN relies on him now.

We finally made it home! 02-19-11

After 11 hours of driving we finally made it home to Menifee! That is one of my favorite things about trips... the pulling up to my house. Now the mess we bring in... not so much! Dad had given Cyrus a desk that he had gotten from the Church office building so we pulled a trailer all the way home through snow and rain. We also got pulled over but luckily not citation was given. He did however inform us that the speed limit with a trailer is 55!
After we got home we were anxious to put Cyrus' desk together. You can't really see it from the pics but we love it!

Quick visit to Aunt Marilyn's 02-18-11

After a visit with Grandma and Grandpa Mickelsen we were headed home. We planned on staying the night at Aunt Marilyn so that the kids could play for an evening and it also breaks up the trip nicely. Here's a picture of Charly and Eliza. I snapped this one right before they went to bed realizing that I hadn't taken a picture that day. We spent a wonderful evening with Mike, Marilyn and Jean eating at the ever so popular "Cafe Rio". It's always great to be with my sisters!
Charly was funny because she thought we were headed to her friend Eliza Simms house. She was happy to play with her cousin but was slightly confused that Lishy wasn't there. Even the next day she kept asking when we were going to go to Lishy's house. After the long drive we pulled up to our house... everyone happy to be home but Charly.. "this is NOT lishy's house!"

Bowling at Skyline Lanes! 02-17-11

Today we all realized we will never make it as pro bowlers. None of us scored over 100. Chloe and I tied with the highest score of a 92! Charly tied with her father with an 85. Nothing too impressive but we sure had fun bowling with Grandma!

Tea Party at Grandma Mickelsen's 02-16-11

Wednesday morning we arrived at Grandma Mickelsen's after a quick trip to the Urgent Care. Charly had been sick for 5 days with a fever and so I finally decided to take her in. She hadn't eaten much the whole time we had been there and she had slept through her whole vacation. I was sad that Grandma and Grandpa Price didn't get to experience her fun personality. So, I took her in and her temp was 102 (and she didn't feel quite as hot as she had the other days) so they tested her for the flu and it came back negative so he prescribed her some antibiotics. I was hoping they would kick in fast and she could enjoy some of her time in Idaho.
We arrived at Grandma's and the kids helped make fruit kabobs and egg rolls. Soon after lunch was eaten they were ready for a tea party. Grandma always makes sure she has a tea party with her girls. (if the boys are lucky they can participate as well).

Snow Day! 02-15-11

We drove out to Bone today and played on the hills. The kids had a blast snowmobiling, sledding and attempting snowboarding!

Today we also got the chance to go see Nellie's salon that she works at. She gave Marci and Charly haircuts. She does a wonderful job and works in a really nice place. Thanks again Nellie! You're the best!

Happy Valentines Day! 02-14-11

The day started off quite nice... how could it not seeing how my handsome husband went and bought me an iphone 4. My old iphone broke and it was a miserable 7 days without one. I must say, my phone is absolutely awesome!
I might also add this day how much I love my husband. We've been married for 14 years and I'm so happy he is mine. Every day together we get to know each other better and I love everything about him. He's so good to me and always makes sure I know how much he adores me. Love you MUCHISMO Cyrus.
After that... we basically chilled out with family. I don't think I took pics of any of my kids today but I did get a few more of Julia's baby. Here is one of Grandma Price with her newest grandbaby. She made this cute corduroy suit for him to be blessed it.... it was so cute. AND... this baby is only a month old... look at those cheeks!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sunday! 02-13-11

I want to do a quick entry tonight. We had a wonderful day with family. We had the opportunity to be here for Julia's baby blessing. Grandpa Price gave him a beautiful blessing and then we all got to spend the other meetings together. It's always so much fun to go to church with family.
We had a yummy dinner with loads of yummy deserts! I even had the chance to take some picks of baby Lucas.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Cyrus! 02-12-11


Happy Birthday Cyrus! Today my handsome man caught up to me in age! We are now both now 36. We stopped in St. George to take a break from driving, watched the kids jump the canyon a few times then all 8 of us slept in two beds. The kids were really good and don’t seem to mind the cramped beds. We all woke up and wished Cyrus and Happy Birthday! I bought him some cams and was really excited to give them to him so he opened up presents on the way up here. He was very happy with the two cams to start his collection. I love that he has been excited about climbing because my kids are loving it as well.

I talked to mom on our way up and she met us at Denny’s for a birthday breakfast. It was a lot of fun to see mom, Aunt Jean and Quinn. My kids were so excited to see Quinn. He looked so good. He’s handsome, funny, happy, confident and seems to be turning into a great young man.

After breakfast Cyrus headed up to Idaho Falls with the kids and I stayed with Mom to go to Marilyn’s baby shower. I was so glad I was able to go and see her 9 months pregnant. She looks so good… she has a big belly but that is all. It was great to see her people. You can tell she is so loved and is surrounded by so many good people.

After the shower mom and I headed up here to I.F. It was fun to spend some time with her driving home. Everytime we drive that stretch of road and we pass through Layton I have always wanted to stop by our 1st home we bought in Syracuse, so since my husband wasn't with me mom and I drove out there to see it. It was fun driving through those same streets that were once home to us. The house looked the same. A few trees had died but the others were big and strong. The deck was still standing and the dart board we hung up in the garage was still there. The house was also listed for sale. I don't know if it had changed owners a few times or not but it sure was fun to see.



I have two sick kids. Grant is still sick yet functioning. Charly gets the bug and crawls into my bed and slept for 3 hours. A week away from home with 6 kids is a lot of work but they are all so excited for Idaho. They can’t wait to go play in the snow. Hopefully the sick bug will come and go quickly.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Off to Idaho! 02-11-10

Yesterday I had to go to Southshore Elementary to take some make-up pictures for the yearbook and since Grant wasn't feeling well he came and helped me out. He truely wan't feeling well but I think he flet like he was ditching since he was actually at school but not in his classroom. At one point his class started to exit to line up for dismissal and he hid behind the corner. He's still not 100% so he's home today as well. We are trying to get all of our last minute items done so we can head off to Idaho today! The kids are very excited to see their grandparents and to play in the snow. I think they are a little worried that the snow will be gone.... I however am afraid it will still be there with temps in the teens... bRRRR! I'll miss this 70 degree weather especially for running.
I hope to keep up on my blogging and my pictures this week of vacation... wish me luck!

I wanted to add this cute picture I took the other day! I love baby sessions.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

CUPCAKES 02-09-11

I have a list a mile long in my head of the things we need to do before we go to Idaho and I'm pretty sure making cupcakes wasn't on it. But last night around 8:00 Chloe made us some cupcakes. She is my little baker. She loves it and does a pretty good job. I helped make the cream cheese frosting but other than that it was all Chloe. It's really nice when your kids get to an age where they don't need your help with everything. I might add: nor do that want it :(

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alex vr. the TUTU 02-08-11

I feel a little bad because I haven't stuck to my schedule of photographing a different child each day, especially since we have thrown a puppy into the mix!
Every 6 weeks I have a group of girls come to my house where I teach them letters.. numbers... colors... etc. It really is more like a playgroup at this age which is prefectly fine with me. The girls have a fun time and us moms don't mind taking our turn every 6 weeks. Well, yesterday Alex had a hayday with teh girls out on the trampoline. I was surprised at how much she liked that. However, NeiNei (the red tutu girl) didn't like Alex so much. She kept trying to take off the tutu..

I also wanted to show you the "words" I put up in my Laundry room. My awesome friend Tesha made this for me! She can make you one too for $20. Let me know if you want one!
I love what it says... because all of us know and feel the truthfulness in it!