Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Price Family

Cyrus: Busy being Elders Quorum President, Working at Hanger, MBA student, wonderful husband and father. Was happy to finish his MBA program so that he can focus a little more on the other things that keep him busy.

Leanne: With sadness was recently released as Young Woman’s president but continues to enjoy being a photographer and a mother. Is happy for the break so that she can focus a little more on her 6 little ones that are growing up way too fast.

Marci: 7th grade. Enjoys being a teenager and we all enjoy her wonderful friends in our home. She is a wonderful student that enjoys playing the drums. She played Volleyball again this year and absolutely loves the sport.

Garrett: 6th grade. A happy, obedient boy who loves doing what is right. Has a very bright mind and also enjoys playing in the school band. He enjoyed playing football this year with many of his wonderful friends.

Chloe: 4th grade. Can always be found singing the latest songs at the top of her lungs. She has a great talent and loves sharing it with others. She too played Volleyball and has a wicked overhand serve.

Liam: 2nd grade. Loves school and loves reading. He also enjoyed playing baseball this year.

Grant: Kinder. Is happy to be in school like the rest of the gang. He seems to be following in their footsteps with good grades.

Charlotte: 3 years old. Loves being at home with her mom. She thinks she is as old as her older sisters and thinks Justin Beiber is sooooo cute. If you’re lucky, she’ll call you her best friend.

We are very blessed and give thanks for our Savior Jesus Christ. We know he lives and loves us. It is through him and his commandments that we can be truly happy.

We love you all.


The Price Family