Saturday, January 31, 2009


Last night after getting all the kids in bed we went to turn off lights and lock doors... well, cyrus happened to check the fridge for a drink, as he opened the door to his surprise he found our little kitty sitting on the third shelf! I had noticed that for the past hour or so he had been missing but I didn't think much of it. I am so glad he opened the fridge. Could you imagine what we could have found come breakfast time? Hmmm... do you think he would have made it through the nihght? I don't think I want to find out.

(this is the image I found when I google searched "popsicle cat"! Not a pretty sight.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy BIrthday to Chloe!

My little Chloe is 8! We love that birthday don't we. Well, I'm following a tradition my mother had... "you can have a birthday party when you are 8 and 12". So, Chloe got her 8 year old birthday party. It was a lot of fun. All but one of the girls showed up. They laughed, screamed, danced, only fought a little and I think they all had a lot of fun! We had a little fashion show... don't they look great!

Ten things I love about Miss Chloe:
1. She loves to sing.
2. She keeps a clean room.
3. She can dance.
4. She has confidence.
5. She reminds me of promises I forget to keep.
6. She always tries to Choose the Right.
7. She has a happy personality.
8. She has a mind of her own. (which at times isn't something I love)
9. She loves to help me make cookies.
10. She's my beautiful little girl that can't go to bed with out a big hug from her mother. (I hope that never changes)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

"No no Charly!"

I witnessed the cutest thing this morning. I was at aerobics at the church so I get to take my 2 little ones with me. Charly had found a sucker in my purse and was so excited. She came running and was thrilled that her mother wouldn't say "no, no" (she has that one down... with the action of the shaking finger and everything). So I opened it up and she was elated.... well Grant brought a Nintendo DS with him this morning so he was concentrating on beating up darth vader on Lego Star Wars. She seemed concerned that he didn't have a sucker so she went to share. She pulled the sucker out of her mouth with a nice long sticky spit rope and stuck it right on Grants forehead. He was quite annoyed "no, charly!" She giggled and giggled. She loved the reaction she got out of him so she kept on pestering and was so proud of it. He took it rather well but did not like the sticky forehead he was left with.
I love that my kids are so close together. They are good to each other most of the time. Liam and Grant are best buds. They are my closest being 16 months apart. They share a room with bunk beds but I always find them snuggled close together in one bed. That's cute now.... just hope they change that habbit before they are teenagers... not so cute! Anyway, I love being a mom and I am really enjoying my time with Grant and Charly alone for the first 3 hours of the day.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Just playing around!

I've mostly been doing studio shots this months so I wanted to take my camera outdoors today. Here are a few snap shots of my Charly. Sorry you don't get to see her face... she's always on the run. But, I was just playing around and I kinda liked these.
I did get to do a beach session on Saturday. It was rough lighting but the weather and the beach were beautiful... wish I could have gone to just play. Hopefully next week... we'll PLAY!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


They did it... the Trojans got their first win last night and they did it in style! Marci has been playing Volleyball now for about a month and she really enjoys it. She's actually quite good. I say that with a little amazement since her mother was never very good at sports... yes, I have played every sport in the book... but never really excelled, I just sort of played for the fun/social aspect of it all... Anyway, its so much fun to see her team pulling together and improving and having some fun! I might add that their coaches are pretty awesome as well... thanks again Bridgett and Sandy!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our new addition

We have been looking for some fancy looking couches and chairs for our photo studio. We found this one on craigslist this past week and went to pick it up about an hour away.See how nice and big it looks? We had the idea of taking it out into fields and piling lots of people onto it for family pictures. Well, when we arrived and saw it for the first time we were a little shocked by its size. We stared at it for a few moments, completely surprised and not sure what to do because it was totally not what we had pictured in our minds. Then we thought of newborn babies and little girls in their fancy dresses and we had to have it. Many pictures to come. What do you think of our newest addition?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sorry, long post full of beautiful Young Women!

We had the funnest time last night... I got a last minute call that they needed to do a Young Women's activity and wondered if I could help. They wanted me to teach the girls how to use their cameras... yes, that would be fun, but also, there is not a lot to teach them. So, instead they all came here and we took pictures of everyone... I really wanted the girls to have fun and relax and let their inner beauty show. I think they all had a blast. It was great to get to know some of them and see how kind and thougthful they were to one another!
Here are a few of my favorites:

If you're dying to see more: Women

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Chloe's 7th year in review!

Warning! Very LONG slideshow...
I think Chloe picked every picture she could find of herself!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

12 years strong!

Happy Anniversary my handsome Cyrus... love you muchisimo!

On December 19th Cyrus and I celebrated our 12th anniversary... Cyrus is out doing hospital calls tonight so I have a little bit of time to blog. Here are the top ten things I loved about our relationship in 2008....

#1 We can't stand to be apart.... i'm glad I only have to miss him from 7:30 to 6:00 most days. On Mondays he's at school until 10:00.... it's fun to still be madly in love. I watch the clock and can't wait for 6:00pm to role around... Yea! "dad is home"
#2 We started another hobby together. Our photography business is so much fun because we do it together. He's the brains behind it all. We could stay up for hours talking about which lens to buy next or which new backdrop... or the next spot we want to take the kids to experiment with the natural light.... we just really enjoy it together. We have always done that though. In years past it was motocross together... (someday I hope to have another CRF 250), Blackburn Woodworks (a woodworking company he started and then sold in Utah), Video games... (no, i'm just kidding... but I do sit out on the couch with him and fall asleep on his lap if he ever wants to stay up and play). I love that about our relationship... we're inseparable...
BTW.. this is the next lens he wants if anyone wants to donate to the cause: It's a Canon 35L
#3 He really helped me get through the rough time after Erin died. He would always encourage me to talk to him about anything and he gave me many blessing of comfort that were well needed. He will still bring it up and we can talk about it if we need to or just want to. He has a big heart and very tender feelings as well.
#4 We bought a house together in Menifee, CA of all places... who would have thought. We've lived in California for 4 years now and sometimes we are still surprized that we live here and love it. We use to think it was ridiculous for anyone to live here.... But we are now part of that crazy crowd. (couldn't find a picture of the house... but I love the handprints that mark it as ours!)
#5 We took two road trips to Idaho this year. One for Paul's wedding and another for Grandma Cook's funeral. I love taking road trips with him because we always go down memory lane... about our first kiss... dating, engagement.... and then being married and having 6 wonderful children... it blows our minds when we sit back and look at them... we can't imagine life without them and where does the time go?
#6 Ever since he started working for Hanger O&P he has had to take call almost every weekend.... well, he has chosen to take call.... he works so hard for us, and he HATES being oncall... he is still out doing hospital calls right now. He left at 2:30... poor guy, not the best way to spend a Saturday but always works hard for his little family. Just another way I can tell how much he loves me.
#7 If Cyrus were making a top ten list... this would be #1. For our anniversary this year we went to Six Flags! He had talked about taking me to Wicked but I wanted to go to Six Flags instead and go PLAY... w/o kids! It has been a long time since I had been to an amusement park where I could actually play... I've always been prego for some reason... but not this time. We arrived at the park right after it opened and there were some wicked rides.... we were super excited. AND the park was practically empty. We were able to walk right up to any ride we chose... the Tatsu had a slight line... but it was totally worth it... anyway, we were ride hopping none stop for approximately 2 hours straight, we finally made it over to Gotham City were they had the RIddlers revenge and the Batman ride. I was feeling great and having a complete blast... I was so happy that I could handle the rides and I wasn't getting sick.... well, let's just say Batman had something to say about that... I went on Riddlers Revenge and felt rather queezey but I thought I could shake it off... Well Batman disagreed... I lost all my breakfast on that ride. It was not pretty. I had to hurry up and get off so I could throw up again in the trash can... YUCK! But... my DH... still claimed me after that "not so glamorous" event. We laughed and laughed... he kept saying that if he had been on a date and that had happened before we were married he wouldn't have liked it at all... but for some odd reason... he kept saying that he liked me more now that I had thrown up on Batman... He said that it topped off our 12 years perfectly! And he couldn't wait to tell people about it either! I still love him for that too. (i look at this picture... no wonder I got sick!)
#8 We are often found awake past midnight because he will stay up and tell me how much he loves me, why he loves me and the complements don't stop... what girl wouldn't want to stay up to hear all that good stuff about herself. He's so good at making me feel like his queen.
#9 We've tried to take some time together as a family this year and go on family walks... they have really tied us together more. Kids love spending time with mom and dad.... I know I need to be better at that.
#10 We talk about everything... we call each other at least 3 or 4 times a day just to check in and see how thing are going... He usually busy with patients, and i'm usually editing pictures, cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, yes, I know how to have a good time... but I love that we always need each other. Cell phones and texting were great inventions.

Before Jan. is over... some christmas pics!

I was up at 6:00... and still no sound from the children! Come on kids... WAKE UP! I had to snap a picture of all the fun stuff Santa left.

Finally... some wake up at 7:00 very excited while others were not happy to me awoken by their excited siblings... Grant is no so big on holidays... he was giving his presents away saying they were Liam's... something has got to be wrong with him!

Chloe was thrilled with anything HSM! She almost bought herself a life size Troy for $30 at the mall the other day... thank goodness she only had $5!

Poor Liam's grandma thinks he's "HUSKY". So, the husky size pants don't quite work for my kids that have no bums to hold them up. But any of you that know Liam... know this is not an unfamiliar sight... sorry to share his cheeks with all of you!

Garrett's nerf gun strikes again!

Liam loved the lego set he got from his brother... I think Garrett enjoyed it as well because he's the designated brick master.

Grant is just content being along side his daddy playing xbox!

We had to play this game all morning! She loved her sock monkey in the box!

Garrett at B&N spending his gift card money!

The girls got gift cards to Clairs to get their ears pierced... they were very excited until they had to stand in line and see the girl in front of them cry!

Check out the tight grip they have going on!

Marci fought back the tears....

And so did Chloe... check out that glossy eye... but she held it together....

AND AFTER! two happy girls!