Thursday, October 31, 2013

Chloe says... "Happy Halloween!"

The day is not over yet but I have a few minutes I can blog about my Chloe. This morning she had a band concert for Halloween. She wore her costume that Sister Stewart made for her and McKenzie. They went as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb. It turned out to be a very cute costume. She is in symphonic band (top m.s. band) at Bell Mountain Middle School. She plays percussion. It's been so much fun seeing my kids in Band during middle school. They really do learn some good skills and enjoy doing it. Mr. Ketner is an amazing teacher and he loves the Mormon kids. Here are a few pics from this morning. Hopefully I'll have some more to add tomorrow of the other kids. 

Chloe with Madiline Richie, Brianna Thomas and Alice in Wonderland

Tweedle Dee and Gandolf
Chloe and McKenzie

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Back to School.... August 2013

Better late than never!

I want to be a better blogger.

I looked back at my blog last night and was sad to see that I hadn't blog anything in about 2 years.  Our life is still being recorded on instagram and some on facebook but I miss writing about our family.  We still live in Menifee, CA.  This year has brought a few changes.  Cyrus was made bishop of La Piedra ward in March of this year.  He loves our ward.  We have some amazing people that give so much of their time and talents.  We are very blessed in that aspect.  I have the chance of serving as a sunday school teacher and an occational ward organist.  Its really fun being a teacher.  The kids are great and all seem to be striving to live the gospel standards.  Last week I taught a lesson on parables.  It was fun because we talked about the parables found in the bible and also more recent ones that we hear in conferences.  I shared the rock climbing parable from Elder Scott.  Of course this one is dear to us because we love Elder Scott and we love to rock climb.  We are headed out to Joshua Tree in a few weeks to spend a few days climbing out there.  Im excited to take my family and friends out and get away from our busy lives.  The kids are doing very well.
Quick update:

She still warms our heart as the baby of our family.  She is however a 6 year old baby.  She is now in first grade which leaves mom home alone for most of the day.  She seems to be doing well in school and loves her friends and is now taking dance.  She can often be found playing in the back yard with her new BFF Cyrus Grant.  They have found each other and enjoy playing and using thier imaginations togehter.  Just yesterday Cyrus came home from a playdate and much to his dismay he found his little sister asleep on the couch.  She tried a few times to wake her to play their new game they had invented.  I had to keep scolding him to leave his sister alone!  It's pretty cute to see them enjoy each others company.  She is taking dance from our neighbor Cassie.  She is so funny because she at first didn't want to do dance AT ALL!  She cried and cried.  She has this fear of the unknown.  With tears in her eyes she told me that she would go to dance the first day just to watch!  Well, Cassie said that lasted about 10 seconds and she was up there with the rest the girls dancing and trwilling.  She now LOVES dance.  She even spent her birthday money on a leotard, leg warmers and ballet shoes.  She is getting braver all the time.  Like in St. George with the diving board. At first she was super hesitant but then she got all excited and jumped off it over and over.  It was pretty cute.  She's growing up and gaining more confidence all the time. 

Yes... I use to call this boy Grant but at the start of this school year he decided he wanted to be called Cyrus.  IT's been sort of a challenge having TWO cyrus' in the house but he seems to like it and it is getting easier and easier all the time to have that name roll of my tongue.  He is also doing well in school.  He has Mr. McNutt as a teacher and he absolutley loves him.  His teacher calls him ROCK STAR cyrus!  I think that might be a reason he wanted to change his name.  Another funny thing about Cyrus.... on picture day he came downstairs and said, "Last year my friend wore a suit for picture day."
I said, "Aren't you glad I don't make you wear a suit?"
Cyrus, "But I want to wear a suit."
Me, "WHAT???? are you sure.... are you serious?"
Cyrus, "Yes!"
So a few minutes later he came down in his suit with church shoes and all.  He loved it!  He said people were calling him the president for the day.  I'm proud he had the confidence to wear it and apparently he wore it very well! 
Also, the other day when Pres. Wilson challenged the kids to share something about the gospel with thier friends, Cyrus took on the challenge very well.  He took a Book Of Mormon to school and gave it to his friend Amari.  He was super proud.  He came home and wanted me to text pres. Wilson about the accomplishment.  I texted him and a few minutes later the phone rang and it was Pres. Wilson wanted to talk to Cyrus Grant!  I was super proud of him.  It's an experience that will help him share the gospel with others!  Sure love him!

He too is growing up!  He's in a 4/5 combo and is excelling very well.  He loves to read!  HE's been hooked on the Harry Potter series lately.  I'm so happy that he got that reading bug!  He's now on Book 5 and loving it!  He will soon be 10 and is maturing alot.  He's more aware of people and not quite as spastic.  He's playing flag football with Bentley and Nathan Hyde.  He plays center.  He did a great job last night.  He was a little anxious about some of his throws and they went kind of high but he seemed to do great.  I love watching him grow and mature.  He loves to dirt bike and just reacently moved up to a clutch.  He did great on it.  He picked it up really quickly.  We plan on taking the family to the desert for his birthday and for Thanksgiving!  Wont that be fun!  CANT WAIT!

She is such a cutie with so much presonality.  She is turing into a beautiful young lady.  SHe's getting taller and we can now share shoes.  She's playing volleyball and is doing great.  THe other day she served 8 amazing overhand serves in a game.  I am her coach and am having a great time with her.  She too took on Pres. Wilson's challenge and gave her friend Carl a Book Of Mormon.  I was very proud of her... even if she did take the book of Mormon I was planning on giving to the pest control guy.  Shes loving Young Womens.  She even volunteeered to play the piano on Sunday.  Hope it goes well... yikes... i'm still not sure even what she's going to play!

Healing from a dirt biking accident so what he can get back into xcountry.  He really was loving it and then he crashed on our desert trip.  He's back running this week but not near as strong as he use to be.  He was doing three miles in 22 minutes!  WOW!  Super proud of him.  He says he really enjoys it.  Almost more than soccer.  Soccer tryouts are in a few weeks and he says hes ok if he doesn't make the team.  He's such a positive boy.  He is also still doing very well in school.  His Bio Med teach even said that he would be the valedictorian.  That's a pretty good compliment.  Apparently he got a 100% on a test that no one has ever gotten on before.   Makes a mama proud. 

I now have a 16 year old in the house!  She so cute and happy.  Shes hasn't been on an official first date but has been hanging out with Tyler Hyde quite frequently.  Hes a good kid so we don't mind him coming around.  She's playing JV at Paloma and still working as setter.  She came home the other day pretty excited because she got a kill!  Wish I could have seen it but I was in Houston spending time with Marilyn's family.  I get to go see her today and i'm pretty stoked about it.  She will also be getting her drivers license in about a week!  YEEK!  I'm so excited.  SHe's going to be such a big help.  Less car pools for me!  WOO HOO!

All in all.... life is great!  I need to start adding pictures.  BUT if you need to see pictures just refer to my instagram.  The exciting thing for me right now is the pool that is being put in my back yard!  They should be done in about 5 weeks!  Super excited about that!  My handsome husband sure does know how to make me happy!  I love him!!!!