Why not Blog?

That's my question for this early morning. It's 12:45 and I have been hopping from blog to blog... some slightly familiar faces to mostly strangers blogs. It's a curious thing how so many people invite complete strangers into their lives. Many sharing intimate details of events that occur to them. There are also many who share a lot of useless information that at times I happen to find interesting (or maybe just fun to read). Some share their daily happenings, new haircuts, cleaning tips, organization tips, how to get a bargain at the grocery store, daily exercise routines.... I could go on and on. But at this point in my life I am mostly touched by those who share their trials and inspire all of us to be better people. I know I wont inspire but I hope I can record some of the things I choose to do to become a better person. I believe that if a trial were to hit... one must be prepared spiritually. I am working on becoming better prepared... no, I'm not hoping a trial will hit but I know that I need to be stronger and better so that I can be the kind of mother Heavenly Father wants me to be for my sweet half dozen.
So, yes, I'm trying to give this blog a purpose... I don't know if its working or not, but I want to record the ways I'm trying to become the person I know I need to be. We'll see how long this lasts... maybe if I get a cute background on my blog that will help. And what is a blog without a lot of pictures!


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