To my Cyrus, love you!

Happy Birthday CYRUS!
Feb 12, 2009

Thirty Four year ago my kind, loving and beautiful mother-in-law gave birth to a little boy. The doctors were worried about her little boy because one of his legs was about four times too big. I even think they wondered if this boy could ever be normal. (here is a little video clip... he's the cute one stuffing his face with the chocolate cake)

Well, we all know that this little boy is far from normal. He has some of the finest characteristics you will ever find in a man. I am grateful today that he is mine. And I give thanks to his wonderful parents who raised this tiny little boy Cyrus to be who he is today. Since he's now 34 I thought I'd write up 34 things I love about this man!

34. He's got a great sense of humor! He knows how to make me laugh, but one of the best things I admire is how he knows how to make the kids laugh when they are sad. I have seen him do this lately with Marci. If she's ever down, he knows how to cheer her up and that frown goes right away.
33. He plays the guitar! (and he's quite good at it) I love hearing him play. He usually pulls it out for Family Home Evening and the kids love singing and dancing to the guitar. Wish you could all hear some of the songs he has written.(our family performing at the Ward Christmas Party... "little drummer boy")
32. He sees no obstacles. If he wants to accomplish something he does. I think he acquired this attribute from a young age. Most of you are shocked to find out that he is an amputee. He has never seen that as an obstacle. He has done every sport you can think of and runs faster than most people with two legs.
31. He has a great smile.
30. He loves and truly cares about my family. Whenever any of us (especially my sisters) are struggling he wants and tries to help them in any way he can. He even loves his mother-in-law and all her fun little quirks that come with her.
29. He loves telling me about his podcasts he listens to on his commute. That is one thing I love about our relationship, we talk about everything, from the messes I clean up at home to the funny things that happen at work with his patients.
28. He loves learning from the scriptures. He has a thirst for knowledge and it is apparant when it comes to the scriptures. I love this because I can always turn to him for help when I need to prepare a lesson or a talk! And because of this he is a GREAT gospel doctrine teacher. I hear complements every Sunday about his good lessons!
27. He lets me be the kind of mom I want to be. He doesn't try and change me. He sees the good I do and overlooks the bad!
26. He is teachable. When we first got married there were things that we didn't see eye to eye on and he quickly would change them for me!
25. He is great with his hands. One year for our anniversary he surprised me with a bed he built out of the finest mahogany. It is beautiful. He knows how to finish things up so they look perfect. I must add, he loves the quilt on our bed because I made it for him. He says that if there is ever a fire, his blanket will be one of the first things he grabs.
24. He always makes me feel like I am the most beautiful girl around. He knows how to build me up!
23. He will read this. I love that he'll get on here and read my silly blog entries.
22. He is tall! I love that about him, I feel very secure and protected by my man!
21. He honors his priesthood! Over 12 years ago when he got down on one knee he promised me he would honor his priesthood and lead our family in righteousness. He has done this very well and I am SOOOO grateful for this... In today's world it is a huge blessing!
20. He is a wonderful provider. He works hard and is always finding extra ways to earn money to get rid of debt or to buy me fun little presents.
19. He's SMART! He is constantly learning. His mind never stops and I feel like he has the answers to everything... even if he occasionally makes them up, he's pretty convincing.
18. He works hard to make sure I am happy. If he can tell that i'm having a rough day he'll say, "why don't you take some money and go buy yourself something, go do you hair, or your nails..., and I"ll take care of the kids. Just go!" He knows what makes a girl happy.
17. He plays with our new little kitty and he really doesn't like cats!
16. He keeps a journal. He has been much better at that than I have during our married years. I love reading his journal because he has such a gift for writing. He writes more in story form so the kids really enjoy it as well... he told me last night that if he could have a dream job it would be writing short stories! Hopefully someday he'll be able to do that.
15. He is very caring to our children. They know their daddy loves them.
14. He does Father's Interviews once a month with our kids and makes sure he buys them a special little treat to give them when he is done. Which reminds me, he wants me to buy him a small tape recorder so that he can record his interview with the kids. They say some funny things and wouldn't that be great to get it on tape?
13. He loves working with little kids at work. He wishes he could only do pediatric prosthetics. Here is a picture of a little boy and his legs Cyrus made for him. The boy was obsessed with the movie "Cars" so Cyrus took the time to give the little boy some extra special legs.
12. He takes the time to play with his kids. The kids love it when we go out dirt biking, paint balling or just to the tire swing! Right now the boys favorite thing is sitting down with dad and playing Halo!
11. He tries to find excuses to call me during the day but most of the time he calls just to hear my voice and has no real reason at all! I love it when I see his number on caller id.
10. He knows how to work on cars. We have never had to take our car into a repair shop! The same goes for computers, refrigerators, motorcycles, vacuum cleaners, holes in a wall, .... the list could go on forever!(even when our little baby locks herself in the car, we don't have to call AAA! After 45 minutes of struggle he got it open with our antenna, don't worry, it wasn't hot out!)
9. Because of #10, he saves us a lot of money. He figures that there is no need to pay someone else to do something if he can learn how to do it for himself.
8. He makes cute babies.
7. He gets VERY obsessed about things... but I'm always at the top of that list.
6. I love his blue eyes.
5. I love the way he looks at me. I can tell he adores everything about me.
4. He makes sure to tell me that I look good when he knows I have made an effort at doing the hair, makeup and getting dressed up just for him.
3. I love his tight hugs I get every morning and every day when he walks through the door after work.(we have very few pictures together... this was quickly taken in front of a mirror... I love that I have a diaper in my hand!)
2. He took me to the temple and married me over 12 years ago and I can still tell he wants to be with me for ETERNITY!
1. He is my best friend. There is no one on this earth i'd rather spend every waking moment with!
I love you Cyrus!


WOW I read every word. That is really cool
Sims Mom said…
Happy birthday Cyrus. We are so blessed to have husbands whose worlds revolve around us, wish my sister could know that for herself!
Sandy said…
We are so lucky to have these price boys! I was in trouble with Jeremy until he read your tribute!
CaraNathan said…
You two are so cute.
Marilyn said…
Cyrus is all of that and I'm happy he makes my sister so happy because she totally deserves it.
Tonja said…
Awe, how sweet. I seriously can't believe he's only 34. Younger than me! He seems soooo much much older/wiser than that. wow. Sounds like you guys are perfect for eachother. Very cool. O, and I am also loving your new floors. Nice!
grandma said…
Holy Cow, I love every word and i love my Cyrus and I love that he loves my Leanne. I need to talk to you. xoxo
ninaranes said…
I felt like I shouldnt have read that it was so personal! But I love the pic of the "Cars" legs Cyrus made for the boy. Makes me want to write 31 things about Jon on his birthday- but then Id be copying you... Oh yah, and Jon doesnt read my blog... Oh yah, thats because I only write in it every other month or so...
~Manda said… are an amazing person!!! I so hope I can one day grow up to be like you!!!!

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