Cyrus Grant Price had a birthday!

My little guy Grant had a birthday! April 7, 2005 I had a baby boy.

I think he was a few weeks early... possibly 3... not really sure but I had to have my first c-section because of him. He was transverse therefore the doctor wanted to take him early. I was quite nervous to have a c-section and i wasn't emotionally prepared for it either. I look back and feel like I was quite a wreck at the time. We had moved to California a few months earlier and we were living in a 3 bedroom tiny apartment in the yuppyville "Aliso Viejo". Beautiful part of California but way too Posh for out little family from Idaho. I say little... but we would always get strange looks as we would walk into any store with our 5 children at the time. It's hard to believe I didn't have a babysitter back then... right now I can go anywhere and not have to load up ALL six kids everywhere I go... I think back and I never thought I'd see that day that I'd have a baby sitter... now I have two... almost three... time really does go back fast... I might even say it is speeding up every year. BUT... back to my baby boy. A c-section was hard. I remember Grant being SOOO small... he was 7.5 oz. Which to most people that would be a great size... but I was comparing him to his giant of a big brother that weighed in at 9.4. SO anyway, I remember feeling guilty for him being small and early... oh, the thoughts you have after having a baby. I remember not liking his wrikley legs and his arms. I wanted him to fatten up quickly!

I was fortunate to have my mother there the day I delivered and she stayed for a few days after that... Mother's are wonderful to have around... especially after you have a baby. I even think she made me some homemade strawberry jam. Well... grandma had to leave early one morning but she left the car at the airport for another grandma to come see baby Grant and to take care of his mother! I love that I have two mothers that are so willing to care for me at any time!

Something you may not know is that CYRUS GRANT PRICE was originally names NOAH GRANT PRICE. We had called him that even before he was born and after he was born for approximatly 2 weeks. We even blessed him as NOAH GRANT... But the post pregnancy hormones hit again... I was not happy with his name. I knew it needed to be changed so that he could have his daddy's name. I wasn't sure we would have another boy and I wanted one of them to have Cyrus' name. PLUS... I just didn't like the name NOAH... too many were poppping up everywhere. SO, I got online and researched what I needed to do. I thought it would be easy since he was only 2 weeks old... but it was then I figured out that NOTHING is easy in CALIFORNIA! I had to take action as if he were any other person... I had to leagally change his name. It was not any easy task nor was it cheap. It had to be printed in the newspaper and the poor little guy had to appear before a judge! CRAZY... but now he has an addendum to his birth certificate... he is officially CYRUS GRANT PRICE (well maybe not totally... this reminds me I still have to change his Social security number.. WUPS). I know the name NOAH would have been fine... but I he thinks its pretty cool to be named after his TOTALLY AWESOME DADDY!
Grant eventually fattened up... I still don't think he has caught up to his cousin Lauren (who was born 2 weeks earlier... I believe she was a 9 pounder as well). But he is a very solid strong boy!

When he was 19 months old we had to take him to the ER to get 19 stitches... this is where the visits start... I don't think it will end there either. He has since been back 2 other times for stitches... he's a tough one though! The other day I had to take him for his kindergarten check up and he said, " mom , do I have to get stitches again today? Because I really don't like getting stitches." He thinks that's all you do at the doctors office! He did however have to get 5 shots. He was not happy about that. I really thought he'd be fine. My other kids have cried a little before but nothing too serious... WELL... Grant was another story. He got his first one and screamed... until we got home basically. He was not happy. I said... "You were a tough boy!" and he said "no, mom, I was NOT a tough boy!" He makes me laugh all the time.
I love this next picture of grant because he has the sweetest smile! He is so full of love that when ever I get close to him and smile... he can't stand it... he has to give me the BIGGEST HUG ever. Fortunately I get quite a few of those every day!

Thought i'd list my top 10 favorite things about GRANT... now CYRUS... you have to add to this list please!

1. He expresses his love very easily! "mom, I love you SOOOO much"
2. He loves his brothers and is rarely seen with out Liam... they have such a bond that I know will stay throughout their lives.
3. When he's sad and he doesn't get his way, he doesn't throw a fit or get mad... he just says "tarter sauce!"
4. He's a very good Halo player.
5. He can do a front flip on the trampoline and land on his feet!
6. He says he can do backflips as well... but only in his head.
7. His primary teachers tell me he's a very good boy and also very smart and that they'd take him any time... (I know, they have to tell me that... but I still like to hear that)
8. He is not demanding at all... especially if there are cookies, candy, Liam or an xbox around!
9. He loves to say prayers and participate as much as he can in Family Home Evening
10. When I asked Grant what he wanted to be when he grows up he said, "When I am as big as you I can jump on the shed with no hands..." "and when I am as big as dad I want to teach people."
me: "teach people what?"
Grant: "to be good."

Love you grant! Be good and always choose the right and someday, you'll be able to jump on the shed with NO HANDS!


grandma said…
This entry is just marvelous--the best read I have. I love you too Grant, so very much, it even hurts me. You are a good happy boy full of love and mischief. Don't change - Just go on a mission when you are big like daddy and you can "teach".gm Cutest pictures ever. ANd it takes a lot of time to put something like this togeter but how rewarding! thanks Leanne m
Karen said…
That was a real fun read. You're such a good mom. Happy Birthday Grant!
Jean Karren said…
Thank you Leanne. I love you Grant and happy happy b-day :)
auntie jean

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