I miss this!

I truly have missed this because this month has gone by and I already don't remember what went on! I have taken pictures (probably not every day) but I have done some of that. Here are a few I thought I'd put up to remember what went on in March. (other than taking pictures of other people... which always keeps me pretty busy!)

Fun day at the Park... I love this weather her in so cal! 3-11-11

Cyrus being obsessed and learning everything he can about his new hobby! 3-13-11

Making bird houses at cub scouts... still no bird in mine but they were fun to build. I don't know if there were meant to go in palm trees. 3-15-11

-Chloe trying out her new dress for the daddy daughter luau. 3-17-11Cyrus being a wonderful daddy for the daddy daughter luau... I hear he even danced to Justin Beiber! He's wonderful and Chloe had a great time... I was busy taking pictures for 150 couples... Crazy busy night! 3-18-11 Isn't my husband so handsome, even in a Hawaiian shirt!
My cub scouts building models. I love my calling. We have a great group of boys! 3-22-11

Grant was "special bear" for a week with his kindergarten class and he was suppose to take care of the class bear. Here are a few things that went on this week! Grant laughed and laughed about these pictures! Needless to say... Alex wanted to take care of Kinder bear too! 03-23-11

Marci is in symphonic band at Bell Mountain Middle School and I was able to go to one of their performances. They were amazing! I was really impressed and so were the judges. They walked away with the highest score of "superior". Mr. Ketner said that his band had not received that in 4 years. They really did well! I even went and got her and her friends some in and out hamburgers for doing so well! 03-24-11

Mom got to go to Grant's class today to talk about her totally awesome boy! It was fun and he has some great friends in his class! 03-25-11

I took Marci shopping the other day for dresses because she has outgrown all of hers too quickly. Everything seems to be too short. Well, she found this cute suit at Kohls and I thought she looked great in it. We were happy for such a great find. A few days later Cyrus wanted to take me shopping for a new dress for Sunday. I have been so busy with photography lately and so he thought I deserved a treat. I couldn't find anything I liked.... but I found this one and he hadn't seen Marci's dress yet and I tried it on and he loved it. I said, "there is one problem, I just bought this dress for our daughter Marci." He said... she won't care... it's fine. "I think you look great". Well, I bought it and was a little worried... but I got home and showed it to Marci and she seemed just fine. She even thought it would be fun to wear our matching suits to the Young Women's conference that night. We got TONS of compliments and it was so much fun to go out with my matching daughter! She's wonderful and I really enjoy spending time with her! Thanks Marci! 03-26-11

So, I think that is March in a nutshell! Hope April is a little better!


Jill said…
I have missed your posts as well!! :) So glad to see an update.
I LOVE that you two have matching suits-they are so pretty! And I also think it's great that she is willing to wear it with you-excited even! She looks very grown up. Such beautiful children.
Julia said…
Welcome back! I love that you are keeping it real by including the pic of Grant with his crack hanging out. Nothing says Grant & Liam more than that!
grandma said…
Was so happy about the orchestra/band what ever that is great...and i felt sorry for kinder...alex is cute woops I do love the Hawaiian couple and all the rest. Make it a good day love m
Jill said…
Looking through the pics for the hundredth time and the one of marci in her band bow-tie PJ says "Hey, Is Marci getting married?"

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