02-28-11 She came home!

After Church at Poway on Sunday we came home to find our little Alex was missing. We were a little sad and we looked and looked and figured she was gone forever. The kids were find and so was I but I think I was the MOST sad. On Monday Chloe and her friend went around and put up signs all over the neighborhood. They were a little sceptical by saying that signs never work. I reminded them that they had never put up signs before so how do they know they "never work". It wasn't even 5 minutes and someone knocked on our door with little Alex in her arms. We were happy she was back. (I think I was even happier than the kids). I really think Alex is going to be a good dog. For a puppy she doesn't chew on things, she sleeps great, has only had 1 accident this week and she's very cute. There are a few things we are working on like the nipping she does when she is excited but she does also seem to know what "no Alex" means. So with that being said... we are happy this week that little Alex came home. I snapped this picture to send over to Cyrus and you know... He likes our little puppy about as much as I do!

Here is another Iphone picture. On our trip to Utah Marilyn had a bag of hand-me-downs for Charly and here's one of my favorite dresses... Charly loves chothes! Thanks again Aunt Marilyn.


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