Guitar Lessons for reals! 03-10-11

The kids and Cyrus are really enjoying guitar lessons! They almost have "now I'm a believer" from shrek learned. The little boys also think they are taking Guitar. Every night Liam begs dad to give him a guitar lesson.



grandma said…
Hi guitar players...this makes us happy - we will be asking you to play and sing a song for us. AND I love the new carpet room and Price Photo shots. love m
grandma said…
CYRUS: I just found YOU/your blog! AND it has taken most of the evening. Cyrus your writing is incredible and will be admired and loved even more in years to come. I am proud of you Son! mm (I can't get this to work on your blog page, but Grandma has a way of finding you.)
AND what happened to the rodeo pictures? They were blank white squares on my computer!
peterson pack said…
Ohh! I love the guitar. My oldest would eat this up, he loves playing any instrument. Tell your mom I love reading her comments, they always make me smile. I have such fond memories of her.

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