Let Summer begin!

My kids are enjoying their days off already... not a lot going on and that's how I like it! They all slept out on the trampoline last night and actually slept in until 8:00 out there! I was surprised not be awakened to giggles and jumping at 5:00am. Chloe and Garrett headed to the beach with the Ranes, Marci and Liam went on a bike ride with the Hydes and the rest of us hung out here! I love days with not much planned... especially since I have a photo shoot tonight... but all is well here!

About three weeks ago some Mexican's knocked on my door trying to sell me something to make my grass green... Ever since we have lived here it has been such a struggle. SO.. anyway, I was suckered into buying their miracle fertilizer which they wanted to charge me an arm and a leg for but luckily my husband talked them down quite a bit... AND... it is actually working! I'm so happy that my grass is now growing and looking so much better. It still needs work but I'm happy with the progress it is making!


grandma said…
I'm going to try comment on all the above and below. Loved my walk with the Price family and the cute clothes they are wearing. Sad when I got the to tower story, but makes your pictures more special. LOve to all and thank you. gm/m

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