Summer w/o bike rides can't be summer!

So my kids friends came by yesterday to invite them to go on a bike ride.... only problem... we only have 1 working bike... so it got me thinking... I have this beautiful SPECIALIZED road bike hanging in my garage in pristine condition... and do I ride it? NO.... So I thought... "If I sell my bike I would probably have enough money to buy 5 bikes... (of course that would be 5 Walmart bikes). Some might think im crazy to trade a specialized for a few huffys and some Mongoose bikes... BUT... the kids and I thought it was a marvelous idea. So this morning at 10:00 I took a few pics of it and posted it on Craigs list... Well after about a bazillion callers wanting the bike and two hours later my bike was gone and the kids and I were in the car with a wad of cash to go buy bikes!
Walking into Walmart is never fun especially with 6 children... just imagine all of them pushing bikes around the store! It was quite a sight. They all found what they were looking for rather quickly and then we were off to go do some serious bike riding!
Garret and Marci quickly hopped on theres to ride to a friends house to go swimming while the other four hung around out front playing "follow the leader". The kids are just tickled pink with the new purchase... I think it turned out to be a pretty good trade!
Sure love this SUMMER fun!
Liam was very proud of his 20 inch BMX bike... there are even skulls on the seat... hmmm....

Charly loved the ribbons that flowed from her bike as she sped through the streets!
Chloe was soooo happy we found her a purple beach cruiser!
I had to include this last one... just cuz.


grandma said…
This was the fun section for me, ---I was so tickled with the swim session but when I got to the bikes I saw and felt happy Price kids. Cute pictures. I want to see Garretts and Marcis....

Get them on your blog with theirs. love you all gm
Leanne said…
hi grandma its chloe i just wanted to tell you that i am posting on my blog alot more so make shure you check it out!!!!

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