We had a great Family Home Evening.  THe Bigelows, Deckers and the Mastro families were all there.  We started off with some water balloon volleyball.  Everyone always gets a kick out of that.  We weren't all that great but we did have some fun.  Chloe then taught us a quick lesson on forgiveness.  SHe did a great job.  I was very impressed with her preparation.  She shared a mormon message about a dad who had to forgive a drunk driver that killed his wife and kids.  This would be a very difficult thing to do.  I can't even imagine.  She asked for examples from those in attendance and then she concluded with how the Savior was quick to forgive as he hung on the cross.  "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do".  We to must be quick to forgive.  She is a sweet girl.  I recieved a cute mothers day not from her today telling me how she loves me and is grateful for the things I do for her.  Little things like that make being a mom totally worth it.  I'm blessed to be her mother and mother to all my other little ones as well.

I'm trying to get back into taking a picture a day... I need more practice at the family photojournalism... it's been way too long!

On a side note!  I changed one of my clusters at BYUI today.  My minor is still family studies with a cluster in Spanish... but I changed my other cluster to graphic design instead of web design.  It makes much more sense... I really wish they offered photography as an online class... but I'm hoping to learn a bit from this graphic design class.  I'm still set to graduate a few months before marci graduates from high school!


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