Happy Mothers day!

Its been a great day!  Grandma and Grandpa Price came to visit us on Thursday.  It was great to have them come visit.  Unfortunately we were busy... as usual, but they didn't seem to mind the busyness of a crazy life... one they use to live.  We had a yummy birthday dinner for Grandma on Thursday.  The delicious pork tacos that we all love.  The ones with the green sauce.  I got this recipe from Jeremy and Sandy Price a few years ago and all my kids love it.  I always make my Mexican rice with the bacon and this time I added some shrimp tacos to go with it.  Everything turned out pretty yummy.  To top it all off we also enjoyed an oreo cake!
I haven't blog much lately... and as I have said before, I really do miss it.  Today my sweet Cyrus said that if I blog everyday or take a picture everyday that he and the kids would make Sunday dinner.  That sounds like a pretty good plan to me!  So, i thought I'd start today.
This year has started off really great.  We are very blessed and I can't complain about anything.  We finished the pool in December.  It is by far my favorite thing lately!  My kids love it.  I love it!  We are found many nights enjoying the hot tub and each others company.  We talk and play games.  Chloe is always entertaining us with some type of funny story!  The boys make up fun wipe out games and Charly swims around in circles like a little fish!  It has been a great way to bring us together.  I'm so grateful for my husband and how he takes care of us!  He spoils me pretty rotten!

Marci is a busy young lady.  She takes school very seriously.  Most days after school once she gets home she is found doing homework trying to keep that 4.0.  She really applies herself and takes it all very seriously.  She is 16 and driving.  She goes on dates with some great kids.  She's figuring out the joys of dating and the upsets of dating.  With each new experience she is learning and growing.

Garrett played soccer for Paloma Valley and then he went right into track.  He runs the 400 so that he can get faster for soccer.  He plays the forward position and really wants to get better.  Most weekends you can find him at the park with his buddies playing soccer.  Liam is also a big fan and is so happy when he gets invited to play with his big brother.  Garrett is still a 4.0 student.  He even got a 100% on one of his bio med tests.  The teacher said that out of all the years he has been giving that test that Garrett is the only one that has ever scored a 100%.  He is an amazing student.  It's fun to see him grow up and turn into an amazing young man.  He's got some great friends that really help him out along the way.  He is also training for a half marathon with us!  We are excited me, dad and garrett are all running Fontana days.  It will be great to run with my boys.

Chloe has a really fun personality!  She makes us all laugh.  She has a great gift for that.  She is also doing well in school.  4.0.  She's got some great friends and she's kind of a flirt with the boys but after all she is half Mickelsen!  Anyway, with her friends she really does try hard to include all of her girlfriends. She's had a bit of struggle with some of her friends and the drama that comes with girls but I think she has tried really hard to stay neutral and be kind to all of them!  Its kind of a hard thing to do but I'm grateful she is learning that lesson at such a young age.

Liam has done really well this year.  He was struggling a bit with school at the beginning of the year but he since has tried really hard.  He had all As and Bs.  He is also loving reading.  Its really fun to see my kids get so excited to read.  I was never like that so I'm grateful my kids got a bit of that from their dad.  He is enjoying scouts and is usually found playing soccer or swimming with his buddy Bentley.  Those too really are good friends.  Its great because they seem to try to make each other better. Whenever their primary teacher needs a sub they always volunteer to teach the lesson.  They always do a good job.  It makes me proud.  He played in a soccer rec league in the winter.  He had a great time and scored a few goals.  He's super excited to start AYSO in August.  I think he'll do great and learn a lot!

Cyrus now goes by his first name instead of Grant, so it might get a bit confusing at times.  For blogging purposes I think I'll write Lil' Cy.  He is an interesting kid!  He makes me laugh and laugh.  He takes things very serious.  Last month he decided he was going to be a vegetarian.  AND he took it serious for about 2 weeks.  (some delicious hamburgers were the cure of his craziness).  But he was funny about it.  One of my favorite things about it was when he told me about sister Bigelow and how she is a vegetarian.   This was the conversation I sent Courtnie,

I have to tell you a funny story. So lil Cyrus has decided to become a vegetarian. He is on day two. So I said to him today, "you know sis Bigelow is a vegetarian right??" He said, "oh yeah.. The funny thing is that most people that become vegetarians is because they love animals (this is his reason) and she doesn't like animals at all" so Liam then chimes in "no, most people become vegetarians to become skinny." Cyrus then says, "but she's skinny!! Really really skinny!" Wish you could have heard them. 😜

It made us all laugh quite a bit! He is also loving school.  He tells me how he doesn't like lunch or recess but that he loves to be in the classroom.  Mr. McNutt has been an amazing teacher.  He really has learned a lot and loves his teachers enthusiasm.  He has given him more confidence and has encouraged him to read and to love school!  He is always looking for an excuse to wear his suit to school!  CRAZY boy!

Charly is growing up too quickly as well.  She is taking dance from Cassie.  I'm not sure if she likes it or not but she goes and Cassie tells me that she listens and follows instructions.  I'm not able to go watch her but she she comes home happy.  She gets to dance with her friends so that  always makes it better.  She is a little fish though!  She swims and swims.  Its so fun seeing her run out that backdoor straight to the pool.  Its pretty fun.  She's learning a lot and can read most anything.  Its been a rough year with her teacher.  She's had subs for months at a time but she really does love Ms. Belvin.  

Cyrus (dad) is amazing.  He's busy with work, church and home!  And he does them all very well.  He's been teaching the kids about the plan of salvation.  Going into detail and making them find the scriptures and teach one another.  Last week he taught them about a Chiasm.  Alma 36 has a great example of one.  The kids were all asked to write it down and teach each other how it works.  It was great.  He is an amazing teacher.  I wish all kids could have amazing dads like he is!  He also ran 10 miles yesterday.  I was out there to run 8.5 miles but my feet quit at mile 7.5... UGGGG I hurt soo much.  I cried and prayed... That worked for a mile but then I had to quit.  I have never quit in a run.  I was pretty disappointed.  
ANYWAY.... I'm going to go watch some LOST with my kids.  I want to blog everyday this week.  I want to also take a picture a day... maybe I'll start doing a list of family journalism things.... 
Here are some pics done with the iPhone today!

Here is a possible checklist for spring!  It might get me started...

Kids helping on Mothers day!  Charly agreed to help Lil' Cy so that he would go outside and play with her.  Lil' Cy wasn't too thrilled!

These two made me an amazing dinner today... Fried chicken, potato salad, corn on the cob and Chloe made some brownies.  

I thought this was super cute!

So grateful we got to spend Mothers day with Grandma Price!


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