I have really wanted to blog lately.... but I haven't really had the time... but I want to at least post some pics of our fun trip to Chicago... We were able to sneak away for a few days and play in the windy city... (that wasn't windy at all).... We were able to stay in a wonderful hotel right down town and we had access to wherever we wanted to go with the fabulous public transportation... it was a great few days!

We loved my iphone... we would plug in a location and it would give us the correct bus/train/subway to take and what time to take it... I loved it!

NEXT STOP: SEARS TOWER... 1450 feet up in the air... we got to go to the top and step out on a glass box and look down at the was very very cool! I will proudly say... Cyrus was WAY more nervous than I was!

Don't I look good in this picture? It made me laugh... had to share!Look at the tiny little cars!
Yes, we looked like tourists! (just a little bit)
NEXT STOP: PIZZA... but not just any pizza... Giordano's pizza... I guess they make a pizza and then put another one on top of it... and we ate the whole thing! VERY tasty!

NEXT STOP: Museum of Science and Industry...
Well... lets just say, we are not museum people at all... we kept waiting for it to get good... but that never came... so, we had to entertain ourselves in other ways... I know... we are such dorks...

Are those butterflies on his head?

Any idea whose car this is? I will say that we did get to see a Harry Potter Exhibit... it was rather fascinating... well... at least I know my kids would have thought that... but we were not allowed to take any pictures inside the exhibit... the blurry one is one my hubby tried sneaking and that's dobbi... can you see him? Nice photography there huh?
The next day we were able to go to a CUBS game... we got to go to Wrigley Field... Not that i'm a big CUBS fan but going to the stadium was a good time... They were playing the Nationals... so Cyrus assumed the CUBS could beat them... but NO ... I think they lost 5 to 16 or something terrible like that... but we all know how much fun it is to be at a major league baseball game! I even found Waldo.

ALL in ALL I had a wonderful time with my dear Cyrus... So glad he took me with him! Secretly I want to go back and next time I'd like to stay a while longer... any takers of my 6 kids again?
Thanks again to my wonderful friends and family that took care of all my babies while we were gone... It was wonderful, I didn't worry about my kids one bit!


Karen said…
Fun Fun pics... thanks for sharing
Jill said…
Your trip looks like SO much fun. And I love that you both were wearing gigantic cameras around your neck. Tourist, yes. Great photographers, yes.

I'm ready for a trip away. Your post may have just tipped the scales.
Glad you had a great time.
You really are a beauty!! Love the last picture.
peterson pack said…
How fun for you both! And Chicago is a great place to visit(but I am biased, that was my mission). Reading your blog sparked many a mission memory. Glad you got to get away, they are much needed days. I am impressed you got out in that glass box, I don't think I could do that.
Sandy K. said…
Great photos, and wonderful adventureland. I miss not visiting as often as we did when Christine lived there. I don't know if I have the nerve to step out in that plexiglass world overlooking the city, though.
PMick said…
Really love your pictures. Sarah and I want to go play in Chicago someday soon. We'll let you know so you can come and show us around!
Marilyn said…
Way fun. I had seen a few on fb, but fun to see the rest. Looks like you had a blast!
ali said…
I'll be honest. just looking at those pictures of you guys at the sears tower makes my insides churn! eek!
Anonymous said…
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