Day 2

Today was sort of hard.... we did get to go and splash around in the neighbors pool.... which was a lot of fun! It was been extremly HOT! We've done alot of the indoor stuff lately... hence the xbox and guitar hero shots! But we're happy!
Cyrus has been helping Jeremy Price get a motorcycle put back together... tonight they got stuck because of the loss of a simple washer... I think our garage lacks some organization because things get lost in there alot. Cyrus tends to blame the many little hands that try and help but I think it has a little bit to do with him as well!





Sims Mom said…
I like the one of Charles grinning or the one of Chloe belly flopping. So nice to have neighbors with a pool!
NelliePrice said…
belly flop hands down
grandma said…
good pics for grandma.....

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