Day 3

The boys had some friends over today and they all wanted to color BAKUGAN coloring pages. Grant is always studying the others making sure he does it correctly. It's hard being one of the younger ones in a big family because that tends to happen. I look back at my childhood and I think I was always doing that. I was the 8th of 9 children therefore I had many siblings to look up to and be like. It was nice getting married and finding my own identity although I am very grateful that I did have good siblings that taught me many wonderful things.... (just a side note)

2 (do you see baby charly?) Her new favorite place!







grandma said…
These are darling pictures. Hopefully the china dolls are fareing well in teh favorite spot. Good picture. I like Garretts feet while practicing the piano and I do see Grant's dilema. good write up.
Leanne said…
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Cyrus said…
#2 for the win!
NelliePrice said…
i love the creepy ghost of charly in the back ground of number two.Thats my vote
Sims Mom said…
Thomas and I agree with Cyrus!

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