2016 Catch up! (Mick reunion july 2014, Christmas in Idaho Dec. 2014)

I have made this resolution many times... hope to keep it for this year.  My goal is to write at least once a week.  Sundays should be the best days for this.  Here is a list of things I need to write about...in no particular order

baby jane
elder scotts funeral
the stewarts
marci applying to schools
Garrett and soccer
Charlie and volleyball
Chloe and volleyball and musical talent
Cyrus and Liam soccer season
Marci guitar talent,  Jared
2015 Christmas gifts
Liam getting the priesthood
Charlie getting baptized
Jane's blessing
baby shower
Christmas in Idaho 2014 X
Mickelsen Family reunion 2014 X

My list could go on forever!!!!

I'll start with Christmas in Idaho 2014 and then switch to Family Reunion july 2014

We had decided to go to the Cabin for Christmas a few months before going.  We were planning on meeting the Scotts up there for some Christmas fun.  I was so excited to spend time with them.  Our children all seem to get along despite their differences.  Thats what cousins do.  Even though they may be different and the chances of spending time together are few and far between they are friends right from the start.  Its a lovely thing.  I love the opportunities mom and dad make for the cousins to be together.  Early that year in July of 2014 we had a family reunion for all of mom and dads kids.  Most everyone was there.  All of my siblings at least.  A few cousins were missing due to serving missions but it was so wonderful to spend such a great time with family up at the new cabin in Island Park.  Mom and dad spent a year building this amazing cabin for their posterity to enjoy.  (Early they had gifted all of us a portion of it.  It now is owned by all 9 of us... hope things don't get sticky with this decision.)  We spent a wonderful time together that summer.  Here are some pictures of the reunion.  Marci had just gotten this jeep from her grandpa Price (we purchased it for her, sold the seibring to audrey) She had so much fun up in Island park taking everyone for rides in her cool new off road vehicle.  We even took it our for a photo shoot.  This girls were so cute out there.  I love that Audrey, Camilla, Anna and Marci had such a tight bond.  They all get along so well.  It also strengthens the relationship with my sisters.  Such good girls with strong testimonies.  I had the chance to design the t-shirts for the group.  It was so much fun!  I put everyones number on the back of them.  Here are my families numbers.
Me: 10
Cyrus: 38
Marci: 40
Garrett: 43
Chloe: 49
Liam: 53
Cyrus: 55
Charly: 59
Jane: 95
Mom loves her numbers.  We are now over 100!  I love seeing my family grow.  Although with grow also comes distance.  Im grateful that as of now I still get my kids to myself (no in-law sharing).  I sound selfish but I know that when the time comes for me to share I will love it as well.

Back to Christmas!!!

We had a family party on the 23th.  Mark and Stephanie brought up a bunch of "White" elephant gifts.  Every year they purchase a whole bunch of gifts and everyone gets one of them.  Trading, fighting, cheering, and even a few tears all come with this game.  They are so good to share with all of us.  I think I ended up with a new appliances (sandwich maker, griddle, shake maker, no cake pan..).  It was a really fun party! 
For Christmas Eve we opened presents from our cousins.  The kids each drew names for each other.  So Marci had Camilla and Garrett had Spencer and so on.  It was fun buying things for their cousins.  The kids had a great time with that.  We also performed the nativity.  I believe I have some of those pictures on Instagram.  marci was Mary and Garrett was Joseph.  We had to use a doll for baby Jesus but I knew that by next Christmas I would have a real baby to use in the manger.  I knew I was pregnant But at this point no one else knew.  Marilyn was curling my hair and I was pointing out to her how strange it was getting.  I was getting curls. She said, Maybe you're going through menopause.  I said... No... thats not yet.  Then jokingly she said, "Maybe you're pregnant."  I grinned and said.. you're right!  It was fun to tell someone.  I was only 7 weeks along so it was still pretty new.  I also told mom while we were at the cabin.  She was quite surprised.  It was fun!  She said, "Grandchildren are different than great grandchildren."  Many of my nieces are having babies so those will have to be Jane's cousins! I love spending time with family.  When ever Cyrus and I go back to visit Idaho we talk of how much fun it would be to move back and be close to family.  I love our life here in Menifee but I know I would also love it there.  My kids think Idaho would be the BEST place to live.  


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