Some Mondays are crazy and some are just normally busy.  Yesterday wasn't too bad.  After eating dinner (everyones favorite broccoli chicken and rice) I asked dad if he had a message to share.  Of course he did.  I love that at any given time my husband can open the scriptures and teach us something we didn't know or help us understand something better.  Last night he taught us about Lazarus being risen from the dead.  He talked about how in order for us to see miracles in our life we must do all that we can and all that is required of us.  We read about how Martha did those things.  She called on the Lord, she believed in him, she rolled the rock away others took off the bandages.  I thought about how when we want to see changes in our lives we can't just expect the lord to grant us those things without us putting forth the effort.  This morning after I worked out I had to go to Ralph's to pick up some things for dinner.  I bought some "soft batch" cookies and I ate quite a few of them.  As I ate I was reminded of last nights lesson.  I pray at night that I can have the strength the lose weight, exercise, attain my goals BUT the Lord won't help me if Im not even strong enough to not eat a cookie!!! I haven't committed to that yet and I know I need to.  He give us strength to do anything we put our heart in to! His lesson also made me think of the Cook family.  Becky cook was recently diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer!  So sad.  They give her 2 months to live.  She is doing all that she can to see if a miracle can happen.  She is doing chemo treatments and has a lot of faith.  I can't imagine if that were me!  She's a pretty strong lady.  
Life is good!  I love my family and the blessings we have.  Sometimes I start to worry that we have it too good and that something tragic is headed our way!  I know thats a terrible way to think and I try to put those thoughts out of my head and just give thanks for the blessings.  I know trials will come and I pray that at that time I will be strong enough to turn to the Lord!
Last night the girls and I were going through my blog.  We got all the way back to the beginning.  It was so much fun!  It made me want to blog more and to post more pictures.  Here are some of sweet baby jane at 5 months.  She got a whole set of stance socks for christmas.  She's such a cute baby!  


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