New Years resolutions!

Tonight for FHE we all thought of our goals for the new year.  I'm recording them here so that I won't forget them!

Cyrus (dad)
1.  Read the Book of Mormon and complete a rough draft with my notes.
2.  Get 3 apps on the app store
3.  Get to 200 pounds

1. Run 1/2 marathon (yikes!  I was very hesitant to put this one down.... BUT ... I can do it!  I miss it but I'm also very nervous to commit to this! I want to be ready for Fontana days by June 4th)
2.  Pray and Read scriptures daily
3.  Save $10,000 for our trip to England.  (i'm excited for this... but nervous as well!  I told the kids that I need their help with this one.  No eating out when we can eat it, no spending money on frivolous things)

1.  Loose ___ pounds before college
2. Do monthly spiritual goals.
3.  Get straight As again.  Get a 4 on AP bio test

1.  Go on splits with the missionaries twice a month.
2.  Learn how to program
3.  Run a 1/2 marathon

1.  Never go a day without praying (or pray everyday)
2. Strengthen my relationship with my siblings
3.  Exercise everyday

1.  Get to STAR in scouts
2.  Read the whole Book of Mormon
3.  Run 2 5ks

1.  Learn how to tail whip
2.  Learn more coding
3.  Read the Book of Mormon every night.

1.  Improve on Homework and writing
2.  Read scriptures.  A few verses every night.
3.  Invite non-member friends to activity days.

1.  Learn how to walk
2.  Learn 10 words
3.  Learn how to swim


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