Flashback to "We're having a baby!"

Thought I'd start to tell you a little bit about our little Ms. Jane.  Around October of 2014 Cyrus and I talked about having another baby.  This would change my life pretty drastically.  My baby was then 7 years old.  A few things that crossed my mind when we started thinking about adding Price #7:

  • been out of diapers for quite some time.
  • no need for baby food  or baby toys
  • Don't own any baby furniture
  • All my kids can swim (I love this feeling... especially since we have a pool in our back yard.  After we put it in I thought, well, I guess I won't be having any more kids.)
  • Cyrus and I being able to go anywhere whenever we'd like.  We have enjoyed the freedom of having our kids be pretty self sufficient.  And at least 4 baby sitters available at any time.  
  • all  my kids in school.
  • I am in school and hope to finish my degree in a year and a half so that I can go and substitute teach. 
  • I'm in pretty good shape and the thought of being pregnant kinda made me sick
The list could go on but those are the sort of things the crossed my mind.  We thought we would give it 6 months.  Endometriosis had been bothering me and in order to fix that I would have to go to drastic measures that would close the door to having other children.  At my age we thought it might take a while to get pregnant so we left things in the Lords hands.  I thought about it 24/7.  I didn't mention it to too many people.  At the time I was walking with Sarah daily so I did mention it to her.  She thought it would be a fabulous idea.  I loved hearing that because at my age it really wasn't the most practical nor wisest thing to do.  Around Dec. 3 I thought I MIGHT have a chance of being pregnant.  It was still a little early to test but I was anxious to know.  I went to the store and bought a test from the dollar tree.  As I I was driving home, all of the above thoughts crossed my mind.  Fear started creeping in and I told myself... "If this is negative, I'm going back on the IUD. I don't think I want to do this!!!!"  I was pretty worried and sick to my stomach.  I went home, took the test, it took a few minutes to show 2 lines (positive).  BUT... it was a dollar tree test so I had my doubts.  I went back to Ralphs to buy another one.  I was freaking out a bit by this time.  I went home and tested again... SURE enough... Positive.  I remember the feelings all too well... For about a minute, probably not even that long, I freaked out!  I might have even shed a tear, but no more than 2!  My fear was soon gone as I dropped to my knees and turned it over to the Lord.  All of those worries and selfish reasons as to not have another baby were gone!  All of it turned to excitement and joy!  I was going to have another baby!  This was the beginning of a very LONG pregnancy.  It wasn't a difficult one.  I was fairly healthy. I walked almost every day.  My iron dropped again, so there were a few days where I was weak.  Because of that I became very faithful at taking my iron pills.  They helped immensely.  Because of my age I had worries I had never had with any of my other pregnancies.  The doctors wanted to check me for birth defects and down syndrome.  I allowed them to do the first test because it would tell me the gender.  This occurred around the 12th week of my pregnancy.  I worried a bit on if the baby was going to be healthy or not but I also knew that if the results showed problems that we would be fine and deal with things then.  I was helping sister pain with her kids one day and an email arrived from Kaiser Permanente.  It was the email that would reveal the gender of my baby! I read it and it stated that everything came back normal and that I was having a GIRL!  WOW! I was so thrilled.  Secretly I wanted a girl REALLY bad.  I knew there were going to be many years alone with this last baby of mine and I wanted to have the kind of relationship I have with Marci and Chloe and soon to be Charly.  My teenage girls are a joy to me.  I love being their mom.  I love my boys as well but they don't seem to need their mom as much as the girls do.  (I love being needed.. someday they won't need me and that makes me really sad).  So with I read that it was a GIRL!  I cried!  I was so happy!  
Backtracking a bit.... For Chloe's 14th birthday I was about 12 weeks along and so I wanted to announce to the kids that we were having a baby for one of her presents.  Sarah and I wrapped up 6 balloons in a big box.  3 blue and 3 pink with words like 'Price Baby #7, boy???, girl???, make room for baby'.  It was so fun.  The box was beautifully wrapped and Chloe had no idea what it could be.  I told her it was something she had to share with the whole family.  It was so fun!  The kids were pretty surprised... Well all except Cyrus Grant.  He yelled, "I knew it!  No one would believe me but HUDSON!".  It was so funny.  (A few weeks earlier charly asked me if I was having a baby because Cyrus had told her I was.. darn apps on my phone gave it away!) 
Sister Gray had mentioned that she would make a reveal cake for us.  So I emailed her and she said she could get one made for that night!  I didn't even tell my husband what we were having!  
She was so sweet to get one baked up for that night.  It was so fun watching my kids cut it open.  A few were disappointed but a few others knew it!
The word was out.  I even announced it on Instagram.  Everyone was happy for us.  I was happy but was still slightly in disbelief! Was this baby going to make it here?  Was she going to arrive healthy?  I mostly kept these fears to myself.  Cyrus and Sarah would listen to them and calm them, but they were still there!  It was hard to not think those things.  It drove me crazy!!!  Towards the end of my pregnancy when I was feeling weak on low on iron Cyrus gave me a blessing, this calmed my nerves.  He mentioned how wonderful it was that I would be unselfish and welcome another baby to our family.  He talked about her arriving healthy with no complications.  It was really nice and reassuring to hear these things!
In May Sarah and Cortnie threw me a baby shower.  It was so sweet! So many in the ward spoiled me rotten!  It was wonderful.  I love the sisters here and I felt very loved that day.  Sarah make me a beautiful cake and other goodies.  The placed was beautifully decorated and everything was more that I could have ever asked for.  THIs was the first shower I had ever had so I didn't quite know what to expect.  


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