Beach Day!

Today was a great day. We were suppose to start off by walking around and talking to people about Prop 8 (keeping marriage between a man and a woman). But it got canceled so Cyrus helped out and we cleaned the house. It was great. I have not been very good about getting things super clean lately so the house really needed it. And then this afternoon Janet Sullivan gave us some couches. I love free stuff, especially if it is nice. I thought her used couches were great. I put them up in my bonus room which really makes it nice up there.
At about 1:00 we left for the beach. YEAH... we love going to the beach. We don't do it near enough. We only live about 45 minutes away. We loaded the kids up with the buggy boards and away we went. It was fun. The kids love playing in the water. It was a great day to be at the beach. It wasn't crowded, and the weather was perfect. Charly even got in the water and loved it. It was so cute to see her crawling out to the waves. They only knocked her over once. The kids were out on the boards continually and Liam loved watching grant ride his board in. Cyrus would prop grant up on the board and then he would push him out on a wave. He loved it. He did it over and over. Liam just watched and cheered him on. He knew Grant was having sooo much fun. So, Grant finally said, "okay, Liam's turn" Liam quickly declined. He wanted to continue watching Grant. It wasn't til the end of the day that he finally allowed dad to push him on the buggy board. He actually loved it. I wish I had some pics to post. (especially since I have a 5D) But I don't like taking my camera to the beach, It's too big of an investment to let sand get into it or worse, have someone steal it. So, I left it at home. But all in all it was a great day. Loved the beach. We ended the day with a double double from In and Out. Only 670 calories of pure yummyness!


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