Sunday, August 24, 2008

My husband has for some reason turned into a social butterfly... well, that term makes him sound girly, but he has so many great friends and I love it. He even invites them over quite a bit. Yesterday we had the Raines family over for dinner. I like having people over because it usually means that we will have a good Sunday dinner instead of getting home and eat anything and everything in sight and then forget about making anything decent. So, yesterday we had Jambalaya... for some reason, I make this alot when we have people over. Cyrus loves it, that's probably why. So, yesterday we got to enjoy good company and good food.

Also, church was fabulous (as Sharpe says! HSM) as usual, Sister Stewart talked about how we make our own reality. It's true. If we choose to be sad and depressed about something, then that is what we will experience and if we choose to be happy and not allow difficult circumstances to bring us down, then we will be happy. She did a great job and I really appreciated her message. That is something I have had to work on. Cyrus is very good and reminding me that it is my choice to be happy. AND... I am very happy. I love my life right now. I love being Cyrus's wife... especially since he always calls me "hot chic". And I love being a mother, especially when I do things well. The days that I slack off and don't get everyting done like it needs to be are the days that I'm not as happy with the title of "mom" but most days are great. AND, I love that I have a growing business. I love photographing people and capturing their personalities. I'm working on bringing out real smiles that are relaxed and natural. Here is one from last weeks shoot with the Hydes. And a comp of one of my seniors. I really enjoy putting the compositions together. They take some time and they are a little tricky. I start off with a blank page and after a while or so it all comes together and looks pretty good if I do say so myself!

I need to add one more thing that I love about my life right now. I love serving in the primary. We have about 120 kids that come regularly so it is huge.... but I love being with them and feeling thier love and the sweet spirit that they share. I know that we will probably be released soon so it makes my feelings a little tender towards them. I had a dream that the ward was going to be split (which will probably happen soon) and I cried because we would be loosing half of the primary kids. They truely are a joy to work with. I should also add that I love working with Sister Williams and Sister Hughes and Sister Nelson, they are all wonderful sisters with big hearts and are very capable of many things. I have learned a lot from them and hope I am a better person because of the things I have seen them do.

Life is bliss!


Angela said…
Thanks to you, Jumbalaya is one of our "have company over" dinners as well! WE LOVE IT

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