YES! I got response on Fred Miranda

I have to explain... On Fred Miranda you can put up your photographs for critique. There are a lot of GREAT photographers on there and there and a lot of average ones and then there are some really bad ones. I want to become a better one that will at some point in time fall into the GREAT photographer catagory. So, ocasionally I post my pictues to see what others think.
Check this link out... I thought these were decent pictures and I just wanted to hear what other people thought. I was rather sad. Usually if you get no response that means they just weren't very exciting. Nothing great about them... just some random pictures. I've also noticed that if you are quite bad then people will comment to help you improve. These pictures were just blah... I guess....

But then Cyrus taught me this cool processing trick for the boys pictures and I have gotten all sorts of good response from FM.
Check out the link to my pics.

YEAH! I think I'm improving... well, I know I've gotten better but it is so cool to hear about it from others.



Lighthearted said…
I read over the comments. That's pretty cool. I think you're doing an incredible job. I'm glad you got some positive comments and it seems like others see some things they like! COOL! JAN
Tiffany said…
O.k., thanks a lot Leanne, your blog made me cry. Beautiful words beautifully written. You do amazing work! In fact, you've inspired me to do my own blog. It was so nice seeing u today. I hope to see u Saturday.

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