A Father's blessing.

The kids started school August 6 of last week, so for FHE Dad gave them their back to school blessings. It started off by talking about what a blessing is, what the preisthood is, when you get it... etc. He is always so good at explaining and teaching our children gospel principles. I added my words of "Always be grateful and appreciate that your dad has the priesthood. It's a hugh blessing in your lives. Not everybody's daddy gets to give thier children a blessing that will help them." We started with Liam. He was so excited. He loves being in school. I've worried that he is too young, and he still might be but I know he loves it and is a good boy at school. It's so nice that I don't have to worry about it. I may do this in list form of a few things daddy blessed him with:
  • I bless you to be happy.
  • You love to learn.
  • Bless you to understand those things quickly.
  • Bless you to enjoy learning and have fun with your teacher.
  • Bless you with a quick mind, to understand and be smart.
  • Be a good example and always to those things that are right. Be in the right place and say the right things.
  • Come home and share the joy with your mother.
  • Bless you to grow up and start taking responsibilities.
  • Learn and help those around you.
He was so happy. The rule in our house is that after a blessing you have to give dad a big hug!
I sat there and listened to my wonderful husband give his children direction from God and was so grateful for my family and lives we have. I looked at all my little ones and they sat there so reverently, they know how important the priesthood is. Even Grant sat there very attentive and listened.

Next was Garrett:
Dad asked him if he needed any specific blessing, He thought for a minute and said, "maybe division". The faith they have is wonderful.

  • Your Father in Heaven is very happy with you. He knows you try hard, work hard, you are kind and are always willing to help.
  • Keep good thoughts in you mind.
  • Bless you to remember to speak kindly to family and friends.
  • Always be honest in the small and big things.
  • Your mind has an incredible capacity to learn, therefore you should help others understand those things being taught.
  • Be a teacher.
  • Be a good example, others will look to you and know which way to act.
  • Always to do those things that are right.
  • Heavenly Father loves you and is very happy with you.
  • Always remember to be happy.
  • You are a happy soul, you make others feel good.
  • Always be that way, help others feel good, tell them how much you like them.
  • Be a good example.
  • You are good at loving people as you try to be kind and not shy, you will have many friends. Always choose good friends.
  • I bless you to understand the things your teacher teaches you.
  • Bless you with a quick mind that you will be able to learn those things required of you.
  • Help and bless those around you.
  • Always smile and be happy.
Marci: She specifically asked that she would be able to make more friends.
  • Heavenly Father is pleased with the things you do.
  • He knows the desires of your heart and the kindness you have.
  • Marci, you have great abilities, your mind is strong and has a great ability to learn and understand.
  • Bless you that you might beging to understand the gospel and it will help you understand how you should bring those prinicples into your life.
  • You are happy. Hevenly Father reminds you that there is a time to be happy and a time to be reverent. I bless you to know the difference.
  • I bless you to be a comfort and a help to toheres. See others needs and never be too busy or shy to help people who need you.
  • Be a good influence to those around you.
  • Always remember those things you know are right.
  • Follow the gospel and you will have joy.
  • I bless you to be led to special friends that will help you. You will grow very close to them.
Grant had waited long enough. He knew it was finally his turn. He climbed up on the chair, closed his eyes very tight and folded his arms. He sat there very still and quiet. I was so happy to see my little boy "getting it".
  • You are a sweet spirit.
  • There are great things Heavenly Father has for you to do.
  • Be happy and joyful.
  • Bless you with the desire to learn of Jesus and Heavenly Father.
  • Have fun, and be a good example.
  • Follow your siblings. Do the things you see them do, they will do what is right.
  • Even though you are little, your spirit will feel those things that are right. Those things will make you happy.
I love my little family.


Lighthearted said…
Thanks for sharing - yes you do have a great family! I too am so grateful for the priesthood in my home and the blessings it brings.

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