I'd like to take a few minutes and write a little something about my Chloe. This morning I woke up late... kids need to be up by 6:30 so they can be out the door by 7:10. This morning I woke up at 7:00. Whenever I am off to a late start I tend to get grumpy, rushed, and needless to say, not very patient. Well, this morning I thought to myself, "don't get to stressed, it's not the end of the world if the kids are late. I might even have to take them in the car, but that's okay." I tried to get started with that sort of attitude. Well, I went upstairs to wake Marci and I found papers scattered about. I knew it was the contents of somebody's Friday backpack. Well, I thumbed through them quickly and saw a book about "Chloe" One of the pages was, "When I grow up, I want to be a ______". Well, my cute Chloe wrote "a mom." This made my day. It almost made me think that I have done a few things right.

Chloe is a very happy girl. She will smile at everyone. When I was little I remember many people telling me how they liked my smile. I think Chloe got that smile from her mother. (at least I like to think so) She loves to play! At the beach we found a big piece of seaweed that her dad turned into a jump rope. She could have jumped rope the entire time we were there if her mothers arm hadn't gotten tired. The Thomas girls really had fun with her as well. She was very cooperative and knew when she messed up that she had to go to the back of the line. She's actually quite good at it. Today at school she had 34 boyfriends. (remember... how many boyfriend do you have... 1,2,3, goes something like that)Yesterday we were out front eating Oatmeal Chocolate Chip bars (which are quite delicious I might add) and she wanted to jump rope some more. She really wanted that seaweed one from the beach but the next best thing her dad could offer her was an extension cord. So we made it work. At first no one wanted to play, they just aren't as good as Chloe is. And Garrett's arm was unable to turn the rope with out getting hurt. (don't ask!) So dad started helping out and others joined in on the fun. At one point Chloe and I were jumping together. She lights up so much when she is given a little bit of attention. I guess we are all like that in a way. I realize I need to try and find my kids strengths and spend some time with each of them.


ali degraff said…
Sweet blog Leanne. Thanks for sharing. I love blogging because it makes me feel like I am keeping some kind of journal in my own scattered, random way. I am in love with the picture of your hubby with your four kids.

by the way, I used Photoshop CS2 to process that photo. It was really grey and ugly before.

See you tomorrow at aerobics!

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