Weeum and Gant...

Had to post these pictures of my boys... they are just too cute. And I love my camera... it's the best thing ever. My little Liam and Grant love each other. Grant can usually make Liam cry pretty easily but they get along great. Today Liam came home from Kindergarten and just a few minutes later Thomas came and took him away. It broke little Grant's heart. I had to lock the door so he wouldn't chase after them. After a while he went out looking for "Weeum". He loves his big brothers. I am so grateful to have three wonderful boys. But today my camera was focused on my little ones.

This one is pretty typical of the two... yes Liam fell on his head while Grant cheered. Grant still doesn't talk much but he does know how to grunt, make "pium" noises, "I win" and occasionally he whines. But he's pretty darn cute.

I think this last picture is my favorite. Liam is going to be quite the charmer. He is just way too cute... and those eyes are beautiful.


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