Happy Birthday CHARLY!

Yes, it is your day... You are now one. You even get to share this day with your sweet little cousin Erin. We love Erin and miss her. I believe that you and Erin share very similar personalities. Very happy, content and like Erin you draw people to you. I always want you to remember your little Erin because she has taught us all to be better people. I know you'll always have a part of her with you because she has a part of my heart as well. I know I have tried to be kinder, more loving (like real unconditional love), happier, not so judgmental, and.... hopefully a better person all around. I just want to add one specific change I have noticed, that is the significant love I have for the primary children. I loved those kids before but I now love them so much more. Whenever I see them there is a different feeling in my heart. I think if we open our hearts up there is so much more room to love others. Some times we don't think its possible but it's us who sets those limits...

We love you baby Erin!

I wanted to take a minute and write a few things about little Charly that I love.... I might have to add more as i think about it:
  • I love that since she has been able to sit up she will kick her legs out to the side (open and shut) like she is clapping her feet. She doesn't do that as much anymore because she has learned how to walk but it was so darn cute.
  • I love that when she was about 9 months old she was able to stand up on her own but would never attempt to take a step. She would stand forever just looking around.
  • I loved that I could put her down in the middle of the floor and she would be content for hours. She has never been demanding.
  • I love that she gets excited to see her daddy when he comes home. And that she will still rest her head on his shoulder like she is giving him a hug.
  • I love how she goes to sleep in her crib so happy and then wakes up with the same disposition.
  • I love that she will go to anyone. She loves people and knows how to get their attention. She knows they love her as well.
  • I love that she is now curious and explores her surroundings... she found the markers the other day and was fascinated on biting the tips off and getting marker all over her face. She was also very upset when Dad took them away.
  • I love that she loves to play outside with the kids. She will sit on the tether ball tire wanting and waiting til she too is big to be able to play with her big sisters. She is not at all afraid to get dirty either... maybe that's my fault.
  • She loves being with her siblings. She goes where they go. She gets very excited to see them come home from school. I think her favorite right now is Marci. At times she has chosen Marci over her mother. I think that makes Marci pretty happy!


Lighthearted said…
Great entry Leanne. It made me cry and smile all at the same time. Thanks for sharing!
grandma said…
I am trying.....will see in a minute if this works...I would like you to put your feelings about Erin if you would like too on our blog. and the comments of Charlie would be so good with her year pictures...really they are beautiful...wish I could say it like that. love m,

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